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From 07/06/2015 to 08/04/2015


02:11 PM cg-core Bug #9679: Dashboard feed not showing correct pages.
OK, i have an example. On my pages feed there are a whole mess of page that were created in a group that i'm part of ... mcnair


01:51 PM cg-core Bug #9736 (New): Link breaks formating in left column of group home
See attached. mcnair
09:19 AM cg-core Bug #9677: Uploading a lot of issues to gallery doesnt work
appears to be safari specific. no problem uploading 30+ files from firefox or chrome. Safari craps out at 7 when uplo... mcnair
09:12 AM cg-core Bug #9735 (Fix committed): Group and People Directory is not alphabetized
09:11 AM cg-core Feature #9726 (Resolved): Dismiss all notifications button on dashboard
I'm passing and resolving this. It worked great for me. Can reopen if it gives others problems. mcnair
09:09 AM cg-core Bug #9655 (Resolved): NameSpace problem when creating a new committee
09:08 AM cg-core Bug #9655: NameSpace problem when creating a new committee
seems solid now. tested with problem group and a new group. thx! mcnair


11:00 AM cg-core Bug #9676: There is no notification for invite to join group.
yes! thanks for all your work, and fixes - i will test them as soon as they are live!! mcnair


08:04 AM cg-core Bug #7137: email notifications do not work
is this still the case? mcnair

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