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Translation web platform

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Team: emmapeel, u, spriver

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Feature #10035: Ask friendly projects if they want to share our translation platformConfirmedemmapeel

Bug #9049: Search for easier ways to open the website to translationIn Progressemmapeel

Feature #10800: Check if Pontoon fits our requirements for a translation platformConfirmedmuri

Feature #11104: Try Pootle as translation platformRejectedspriver

Feature #10036: Check if Weblate has been audited alreadyResolvedu

Feature #10037: Help Weblate maintainers to add the package to DebianIn Progress

Feature #10038: List the dependencies of Weblate that are not in DebianResolvedu

Feature #10257: Merge strategy from WeblateResolvedu

Feature #10331: Investigate the review processes available inside weblateResolved

Feature #11265: Configure Weblate roles on new VMResolvedu

Feature #10802: Investigate states of Weblate translationsResolved

Bug #10901: Repair Git repo on Weblate VMResolvedu

Feature #11759: Install & configure a fresh weblate on the VMResolvedu

Feature #12223: Puppetize machine translation service on translate.lizardIn Progressemmapeel

Feature #11760: Document the entire weblate installation & setup processConfirmedemmapeel

Feature #11761: Update translation platform blueprintConfirmedemmapeel

Feature #12220: Set up monitoring for weblateConfirmedbertagaz

Feature #12221: Install packages needed to build our website in tails::weblateResolvedintrigeri

Bug #12333: Document translation platformDuplicateemmapeel

Bug #13286: Review current documentation of the translation platformConfirmedu

Feature #15074: Set up and configure the web interface of the translation platformResolvedemmapeel

Feature #15075: Design and set up user roles, languages and reviewing processConfirmedemmapeel

Feature #15076: Test the set up of the translation platformConfirmedemmapeel

Feature #15079: Integrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructureConfirmedu

Feature #12311: Create weblate staging wikiDuplicate

Feature #15077: Have a staging website to build planned languages, with a resilient buildConfirmedgroente

Feature #12340: [translate.vm] give weblate permission to write to /var/lib/weblate/stagingConfirmedu

Feature #12341: [translate.vm]apache2 config for staging websiteResolvedemmapeel

Feature #12342: [translate.vm]Decide if we merge 'weblate git' with 'staging git'Confirmedu

Feature #15078: Review staging website and resilient buildConfirmedbertagaz

Feature #15080: Integrate the staging website with the interfaceConfirmedu

Feature #15081: Adjust our production websiteConfirmedu

Feature #15082: Have the interface communicate with our main Git repositoryConfirmedu

Feature #15083: Test the setup extensively and deal with unexpected problemsConfirmedu

Feature #15084: Review & RubberduckingConfirmedgroente

Feature #15085: Document our infrastructureConfirmedu

Feature #11763: Adjust contributors documentation for translatorsConfirmedspriver

Feature #15086: Write design documentation for other projects to reuse our workConfirmedu

Feature #15087: Call for translators and translations to be launched and updatedConfirmedu

Feature #15088: Maintain our infrastructure after its first launch for six monthsConfirmedemmapeel

Related issues

Related to Tails - Bug #14516: Lower technical requirements for new contributors Confirmed 08/30/2017


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  • Blueprint set to

#7 Updated by intrigeri 7 months ago

  • Blocks deleted (Feature #12225: Documentation for the translators of Tails to Spanish)

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  • Target version deleted (2017)

There should probably be a sprint to bootstrap this. (as said in the summit)

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  • Target version set to Tails_3.8
  • Type of work changed from Sysadmin to Wait

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  • Related to Bug #14516: Lower technical requirements for new contributors added

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