Bug #11273

clean up libdvd-pkg build files

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Status:ResolvedStart date:03/21/2016
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Target version:Tails_2.3
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Feature Branch:bugfix/11273-cleanup-usr-src-libdvd-pkg Easy:No
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/usr/src/libdvd-pkg can be deleted after building and installing the libdvdcss2 package

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Revision 0d2c5a7c
Added by anonym about 1 year ago

Merge branch 'bugfix/11273-cleanup-usr-src-libdvd-pkg' into stable

Fix-committed: #11273

Revision b79b3246
Added by intrigeri 3 months ago

Clean up libdvd-pkg build files, again (Closes: #11273).

This cleanup operation was mistakenly removed in


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hybridwipe, can you please take a look?

#2 Updated by hybridwipe about 1 year ago

  • Feature Branch set to bugfix/11273-cleanup-usr-src-libdvd-pkg
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intrigeri wrote:

hybridwipe, can you please take a look?


#3 Updated by intrigeri about 1 year ago

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Thanks for the contribution! I've merged a version of this branch rebased on stable, since the submitted branch was based on devel. In general, please base bugfixes on stable.

#5 Updated by anonym about 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Fix committed to Resolved

#6 Updated by z 5 months ago

cleanup line was removed in https://labs.riseup.net/code/projects/tails/repository/revisions/c4e8744ac8ec3386cc82f03dff334885e018cb2f

/usr/src/libdvd-pkg is back in tails 2.10

cleaning up saves a minuscule amount of IUK/ISO file size.

#7 Updated by intrigeri 3 months ago

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