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Adjust contributors documentation for translators

Added by u about 2 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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You'll need to test how everything works and while doing that, document all your steps in our translation documentation. You might want to create a new mdwn file for that.

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Related to Tails - Bug #13286: Review current documentation of the translation platform Resolved 06/30/2017


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For 'languages translated with Git', you can add this trick to review new changes in weblate:

Reviewing translation platform output

For languages like fr, fa, de, or it, that are part of tails master repo, you can get the files to review and submit to tails-l10n:

git remote add translations
git checkout tails/master
find . -name '*.fa.po' -exec git checkout translations/master --  {} \;
git reset *

And you will have all the changes to farsi (*.fa.po) to review. The same goes for the other languages.

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spriver is afk it seems. Reassigning to drebs who would be willing to work on this. @spriver: if you want to take back this ticket, please talk to me :)

@drebs: emmapeel will do the review, once you're done, you can reassign this to her and mark as "Ready for QA".

#11 Updated by u 4 months ago

Some notes on this:

- I think we want to create a dedicated page in wiki/src/contribute/how/translate/with_translation_platform.mdwn
- we need info on how to connect, how to get an account
- how to make a suggestion, how to accept or review a translation
- how to ask for a new language to be added (I think we should not add too many languages, because we will carry all PO files around with us, and this will become heavy if people start to translate one single page to a rare language. There should be a real interest in having a new language)
- where can they see their translations (staging wiki)
- how to vote, how to delete a suggestion
- explain to people when their language will be activated on the main site (point to this part of the doc on wiki/src/contribute/how/translate)
- how to get in contact when they experience technical problems
- suggest they work in a team
- suggest they create a glossary
- how to use weblate itself and it's translation memory
- link their questions to tails-l10n
- eventually link to the blueprint for people who want to know more about our setup (although this blueprint needs some love and is currently lagging behind)
- other things?

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I suggest to enlist the help of the Italian translator's team, as they are planning to start using weblate now so they could test the docs with a fresh mind.

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