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Feature #7675: Persist entropy pool seeds

Have a readable blueprint about randomness in Tails

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We want such kind of document to be ready for outsiders of the team and the encryption community so that they can review the problems we identified regarding randomness and entropy in Tails, and the implementation we plan to make it cryptographically strong enough.

We'll do that in the related blueprint, and the idea is to have it ready for 33C3 so that Tails people attending can catch others and show them.


#1 Updated by bertagaz about 1 year ago

Plan is to have everyone assigned to a related ticket to write a note about it, so that we can include it in the blueprint. There already are bits written, but they may need care and updates before being showed to others.

We'll meet half of November to see where we are at, and will finalize the document

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Maybe this ticket should be assigned to someone who'll make sure that everyone involved does their bits? (I'm warry of tickets with a milestone and no assignee.)

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Hello watchers!

Please update the blueprint with any information that isn't on it yet. The deadline for this is the 2nd of December.

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Apparently setting target version = $nextrelease does not really work, and it clutters the RM view => resetting to the 2017 goal as decided as last summit. Feel free to set a more specific target version that encodes your (realistic) plans better :)

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As discussed on chat, I'm puting this ticket RfQA for Drwhax to review the blueprint. It's in a pretty good shape enough IMO for us to start showing it to our fellow Tails devs for feedbacks, and then external crypto knowledgeable people.

Also available in: Atom PDF