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Donation campaign 2017

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Team: u, spriver
Once this campaign is over, make sure we create corresponding tickets and subtickets for next year's campaign.


Feature #9871: Send our call for donations to past fundersRejectedu

Bug #11868: Allow donations in Europe without a PayPal accountResolvedu

Feature #12036: Clarify requirements and process to get donation receiptsIn Progressu

Feature #12075: Add postal addresses of our fiscal sponsors on the donation pageConfirmedu

Feature #12126: Analyze emails by WikimediaResolved

Feature #12138: Evaluate the usefulness of feedback from donate/canceledRejectedu

Feature #12155: Add "Purpose of transfer" to the donation page bank transfer sectionResolved

Feature #12156: Have a static <title> on /home regardless of ikiwiki meta titleConfirmed

Feature #12180: Write a blog post "why regular donations are better"Duplicateu

Feature #12268: Make it so most Bitcoin donations arrive directly on RiseupLabs' Coinbase accountIn Progressu

Feature #12335: Clarify that donations sent to our fiscal sponsors are used for Tails onlyIn Progresssajolida

Feature #14558: Analyze donations from the 2017 campaignConfirmedsajolida

Feature #14559: Have a permanent incentive to donate on /homeConfirmedu

Feature #14561: Donation: Fix existing "referrers" (hashes)Resolvedu

Feature #14563: Ask people who advertised our donation campaign last year to do it again. Rejected

Feature #14565: Improve partners and partner/become pageResolved

Feature #14625: Adjust the amounts of the button on /donateDuplicateu

Feature #14821: CSS fixesResolvedu

Bug #14831: Write blogposts for the donation campaignConfirmedu

Bug #14832: Change Bank account on donation page to CCTResolvedu

Feature #14861: Consider addding a note about our fiscal sponsor switchConfirmedsajolida

Bug #14862: Breadcrumbs on donate page should be restoredConfirmedsajolida

Related issues

Related to Tails - Feature #11862: Make sure it's possible to donate without a PayPal account Resolved 10/03/2016
Related to Tails - Feature #12356: Communicate about reproducible builds to users via a blog post In Progress 03/17/2017


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Things which will need to be reverted once the campaign is over:

  • page.tmpl tweaks: a4efef94a719c4ffaea312e446887660366973ad, cd8b96e63d507090f43d5b794ce767f28a508722, f9acb8d77fc367dc949214136b46ed993b8d345e, 32598400ec1b960a6d25e5763a75386556f5dd5d
  • donate-banner.css
  • donate/donate_hand*.png
  • Sentence on donate.html introduced in 443c0d7568d83e3a2f2cd07adcdcfde52ee18b06

All other modifications can stay.

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