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Feature #12035: Donation campaign 2017

Clarify requirements and process to get donation receipts

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The process through Zwiebelfreunde is quite complex and described on their website in German:

It would be good to add this to our donation process in English and translated.

We have notes about this in the accounting repo: administrativa/Zwiebelfreunde/donation_receipts_info.mdwn.

Could be a goal to integrate this before the donation campaign in 2017 :)

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As mentioned in

For larger donations it would also be interesting to get information
about the possibility of a tax refund (because Zwiebelfreunde is
registered as a not-for-profit in Germany). I think the old donation
pages mentioned that one needs to contact Zwiebelfreunde for this.

We have this for the PayPal donation to Riseup ("All donations are
tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law.") and initially had
this for Zwiebelfreunde as well (before we removed the "Euro"/"Dollar"
switch and this information disappeared since then.

.. I think this should be added to the donation page indeed.

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This will likely need to be modified to match the new status.

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I've sent an email to them and am waiting for their reply.

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I've started this discussion with CCT and already received an answer. I will try to encode this answer in our fundraising documents for further reference.
We might need to decide how to encode this in our website/tell donors about it.

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We've linked to the corresponding page at CCT:

Their statement is the following:

The Center for the Cultivation of Technology is a German charity, which means that donations to our projects are tax-deductible across Europe. 

For Germany, you can download a general donation receipt that together with your bank statement is sufficient to claim taxes on donations up to 200€. 

For other European countries and larger donations, we're happy to provide individual donation receipts and work with you on their recognition. For that, please send us your full name and postal address and the date of your transaction to

I will add this info to our fundraising repo.

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