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Many Participants Degrades Page Utility

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Summary: When a page has large number of individual user participants, the page utility (formatting and function) degrade significantly.


Details: The exemplar page has over 1000 individual people associated as participants. The following problems have been noted:
  • Share Group Discussion: spinner but no dialog (user waited 120 seconds)
  • Send Notification: spinner but no dialog (user waited 120 seconds)
  • Details: spinner but no dialog (user waited 120 seconds)
  • Print Preview: 25 individual users adds approximately 1 page in length. print preview on IE6 crashes when trying to navigate pages.

Original Report: We need to find a way to display participants to a page in an easier way. Maybe just add the names when a person is contributing, and find another way of expressing who has access. With over 1000 members look at this:

page-degradation-dup-users-in-list.PNG View - Duplicate Participants / Slow Script Warning (162 KB) jeffrey, 08/25/2009 12:42 PM

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Related to Crabgrass - Bug #1245: Data Bug: Duplicate User Participation Confirmed 09/04/2009

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Revision 370d8cf5 (diff)
Added by elijah over 8 years ago

added better handling of pages with a bazillion users. refs #1220


#1 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

  • Subject changed from Page members list are getting much too long to Many Participants Degrades Page Utility
  • Status changed from New to Confirmed

#2 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

Visibility of Issue:

Many of the pages that might demonstrate problems associated with this issue are likely to be visible and listed on Sitehome under tabs such as "Recent Pages", "Most Viewed", "Most Active", and "Most Stars".

Using for testing (discovered under 'Most Stars'), the "Share Group Discussion" dialog took ~25 seconds to open, the "Send Notification" dialog took ~15 seconds to open, and "Details" dialog took 150 seconds to open. This discussion page had approximately 800 individual user participants at time of review.

#3 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

Note: I retested against the 'share group discussion' page provided by original reporter - since dialog did appear (albeit slowly) when number of contributors were only 200-ish fewer. The dialog DID appear after 120 seconds along with unresponsive script warning by browser.

Attached, please see screenshot and note the duplicate entries in user list. User '1985' is listed 6+ times. Perhaps results of script not having run to completion (browser-side issue), but consider that time time vs. user count does NOT appear to be scaling linearly (1000-ish users = 120 seconds, 800-ish users = 25 seconds) perhaps there is particular issue on this page that is exacerbating the issue.

Hazarding guess that we may have issue of pages with duplicate user participation. Do not believe we have open bugs on issue of duplicate participation, but perhaps this data was produced before new dialogs / updated cg were released. see:

#5 Updated by elijah over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Confirmed to 4

This should much better now. Let me know if there are still problems.

#6 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from 4 to Confirmed

status changed to 'open' from feedback, 'cause feedback is always welcome ;)

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