Bug #12453

Feature #5630: Reproducible builds

Invalid MBR ID passed to isohybrid

Added by intrigeri 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Symptoms: #11983#note-7. Once I've made isohybrid more verbose I saw "isohybrid: invalid id: `'1490015021''". So passing --id $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to isohybrid made the ISO reproducible… because it's an invalid ID and so we stopped hybriding the ISO.

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Revision 7bfcaecc
Added by intrigeri 3 months ago

Pass a fixed and valid ID to isohybrid's --id parameter (refs: #12453).

Due to a mistake I did wrt. shell quoting in
6fcb23230c782b878c66019e4101ad3ec8632f25, we were actually passing "--id
'1490015021'" (with the single quotes), which is an invalid ID. So isohybrid
was aborting. As a result isohybrid stopped creating non-reproducible ISOs,
but the resulting ISO images were not hybrid'ed.

Let's not bother passing $SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, and just pass a fixed value.

Revision d992401b
Added by intrigeri 3 months ago

Make isohybrid failures fatal (refs: #12453).

So that issues such as #12453 don't go unnoticed anymore.


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These tests now pass.

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