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Wall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusion

Added by terraw over 8 years ago. Updated over 8 years ago.

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Summary: a private message on the wall does NOT link to the private message until after message has been opened and read.

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Original Report: I (user name: terraw) try to reply to a private message from user seanblaschke and get the error message "Error: not found", and it appears that my message is not sent. this is on the instance:

private-message-no-recipient.jpg View - no recipient error message (168 KB) jeffrey, 09/23/2009 02:21 PM


#1 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

QA reviewed and unable to confirm. Leaving as 'new' and asking for details and confirmation by reporter.

Notes: Sent a private message to Terraw (reporter) at Asked her to send me a message to see if problem occurs when I reply to her private message (two accounts: Terraw and Jeffrey are not currently friends). I did test private message (sending / replying) between two accounts that are friends w/o problem.

#2 Updated by terraw over 8 years ago

Here is what I think happened: I posted (sent) a message but forgot to enter the recipient. So the error was user error but the error message should be something along the lines of "please enter a recipient so that your message can be sent"

#3 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

  • Subject changed from Error message when replying to private message on to Private Message Sending Interface = User Confusion

#4 Updated by jeffrey over 8 years ago

This is a usability bug.

In follow-up, the original reporter indicated that issue was a result of not filling in a message recipient. QA tested that scenario, and CG error message is NOT very helpful (see screenshot). However, reporter originally indicated that this problem occurred upon replying to a message (so failing to fill out recipient would NOT be possible).

Some head scratching... and then QA reproduced originally reported issue:

To Reproduce:
1) user receives a private message...
2) user's wall reads: 'you have an unread private message'
3) user follows link provided on wall
4) user is NOT taken to private message, but rather arrives at private message area. The effect here is user confusion as in private message area the user can see/read the message but was NOT linked to it. User can easily think they are replying to message (when they have NOT even opened it).

Expected: link on wall navigates user to the actual private message

Notes: Additional user confusion.... After opening / reading a message, the user's wall is updated from "you have an unread private message" to say "you received a reply" or "you have a message" - and the links on the wall now work as expected (which is why original reporter could NOT reproduce the original problem.

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  • Subject changed from Private Message Sending Interface = User Confusion to Wall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusion
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