Bug #12578

Feature #5630: Reproducible builds

Bug #12531: ISO builds on Jenkins are fragile since the migration to vagrant-libvirt

Abort if Vagrant create_box fails

Added by intrigeri 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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See parent ticket where this originated from, and then was kinda lost in the middle of other related issues.


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anonym wrote:

Also, note that this error is ignored, and the build process proceeds with trying to import this corrupt .box, since create_box.sh doesn't check error statuses or set -e. While we're at it we could force set -e ourselves

So this branch had some run in Jenkins, and didn't lead to reveal unexpected behaviors or to break anything. I've made create_box.sh fails in this build by filling artificially filling the partition space when the script is ran and as shown by the logs it now makes the build fail as expected when it does itself. So I think we can merge this branch by now.

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