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Have a permanent incentive to donate on /home

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People relying on Tails should be our first supporters.

Right now we have a donate button on all the pages of the website, but in #7176 we were also considering targeting specifically Tails users.

Putting something on top of /home with a bit more text than that donate button to act as a stronger incentive for Tails users to donate might be a great way of having more sustained donations throughout the year.

See also:

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Note that this is about (the homepage of Tor
Browser in Tails) and not (the root of our website).

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  • Subject changed from Think about What can we leave on the homepage once the donation campaign is over to Have a permanent incentive to donate on /home

Renaming this ticket a bit.

I think this doesn't have to be done as part of the donation campaign. But it would be good to have it ready, for example, when the campaign ends to leave something visible for Tails users.

I also think that this is a first and easy step towards #7176, so I'll close it.

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I'd like to give this one to you, sajolida. What do you think?

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Fine with me!

I don't know when I'll be able to work on it but I'd like to.

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We're out of budget until April.

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Here is what Matomo has :)

#12 Updated by u 18 days ago

sajolida wrote:

Here is what Matomo has :)

A bit too much text and too restless IMO, but I like the idea. I think we should aim at something similar but much simpler.

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