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Feature #12213: Wayland

Investigate Dogtail's long-term viability

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We have multiple concerns about the long-term viability of using Dogtail:

  • intrigeri heard a GUADEC speaker mention that dogtail does not work on Wayland. If that's indeed the case, then we should look into this problem before we keep porting tons of tests to dogtail: it would be a waste of time to do so only to have to port them to another technology again a year later.
  • Fedora (and Redhat in general?) now uses openQA, which only supports image-based testing.
  • Dogtail development has slowed down considerably since we adopted it. Here's the a number of commits per year breakdown:
    2011: 4
    2012: 52
    2013: 25
    2014: 27
    2015: 13
    2016: 41
    2017: 9

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Fuck. I'll try to get a clarification about dogtail's status from the upstream (it seems they've moved from Fedora's infra to GitLab), and what the plans for Wayland are. Until then I'll suspend all my Dogtail work. :_(

#3 Updated by anonym 3 months ago

I've sent an email to its mailing list asking for clarification. We'll see.

Also, Dogtail 0.9.10 was released this May, which inspires some confidence!

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