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Feature #14468: Add VeraCrypt support to Tails

Feature #14474: Research user needs for VeraCrypt support in Tails

Feature #14540: Survey platform

Estimate cost of sysadmin work for a 1-time use survey platform

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This is about the "Report on survey platforms" thread on -sysadmins@.


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Proposed something, see the email thread.

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I pushed draft requirements on

Please tell me if it's more or less what you expected. And maybe if we have these ones public you could use it for future reference when other "clients" as you for a service as an example; because coming from sysadmin paradigm where people running services are root or nothing; it's hard for me to know what you need to know and what you don't.

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What do you usually do to monitor web applications?

Nothing more than "I can create a test survey and you could monitor that$SURVEYID returns 2xx" usually.

Be able to send emails to the outside world; though I might not send any as a start.

We have an email system but I don't know if it's configured well enough for random email servers out there to accept our email. We'll see.

Other than that, looks good to me.

BTW in the general section (off-topic, yes): why "non-commercial"? (This seems too vague and the way I understand it, LimeSurvey would not qualify.)

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The estimation of costs was done and integrated in the budget.

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