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Migrate away from our GNOME "AffectsTails" keyword

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GNOME is moving from Bugzilla to their own GitLab instance and we won't get an AffectTails label there, so we need to devise & implement something to replace the "AffectsTails" keyword we've been using on their Bugzilla.

This is currently about 19 open bugs on Bugzilla plus one that's been migrated to GitLab already. I think this number will keep growing: we apply this keyword to bugs faster than they get fixed.


  • Publish a usable list of GNOME bugs that affect Tails on a stable URL.
  • Display the bug title in that list.
  • Anyone can easily add a bug to the list (having to create an account somewhere is OK, needing special privileges is not).


  • Make it clear which bugs were resolved upstream (e.g. allow listing only open ones or automatically strikethrough those that were resolved).


  • Display bugs metadata e.g. affected product, bug title, last update time.
  • Allow filtering & sorting based on metadata.

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Added by intrigeri 2 months ago

Get ready for GNOME moving to GitLab (refs: #15042)


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Added current status + spec.

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The cheapest solution I can think of is maintaining this list on a blueprint on our website. It satisfies all the MUST but for "Display the bug title in that list" we need to maintain a copy of that metadata in the blueprint, which is a bit painful but probably acceptable.

I initially thought we could address most of the other requirements with a little bit of client-side JS but any call to the GitLab Issues API must be authenticated, so I don't see how we use it on our (static) website. This could be solved this way:

  • use the blueprint only as a list of issues
  • host a nice web page somewhere on our infra:
    • retrieve the list of issues from the blueprint
    • authenticate to GNOME's GitLab and retrieve metadata for these issues
    • generate (statically or dynamically) a HTML table with the data (and optionally include JS to filter & sort)

I don't think we need to go that far initially but it would be much nicer so once I've implement the cheap, 100%-blueprint-based approach, I'll file a "Starter" ticket so any interested contributor can write this piece of code :)

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Done. What do you think?

Please reassign to me if happy so I can set Redmine up for the next (bonus) steps.

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More projects were moved to GitLab so I'll have to update the blueprint.

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intrigeri wrote:

More projects were moved to GitLab so I'll have to update the blueprint.

Actually they have moved Git but not bug tracking yet. For example, GNOME Shell developers want to first gain a bit of experience with GitLab before they make a decision. So:

  • please take a first look at my proposal
  • this ticket will remain open as a continuous task for me (adding links to the blueprint as GNOME projects move their issue tracking to GitLab) until all our "AffectsTails" bugs have been migrated, which can take months

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