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Allow including /

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rdiff-backup handler
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i want to include '/' and exclude some dirs below that, but i cannot do that:

Info: >>>> starting action /etc/backup.d/90_local_backup.rdiff (because of --now)
Debug: yes
Debug: executing handler in locked section controlled by /var/lock/backupninja/_etc_backup.d_90_local_backup.rdiff
Debug: (local is assumed to be a good connection)
Debug: (local is assumed to be a good connection)
Debug: /usr/bin/rdiff-backup -V
Debug: /usr/bin/rdiff-backup -V
Debug: /usr/bin/rdiff-backup --exclude-globbing-filelist /etc/backupninja.exclude --exclude-sockets --force --remove-older-than 30D /var/backup/backupninja/rdiff-backup/
Debug: Deleting increment at time: Fri Oct 19 20:45:34 2012
Info: Removing backups older than 30D days succeeded.

Fatal: Sorry, you cannot use 'include = /'

Fatal: <<<< finished action /etc/backup.d/90_local_backup.rdiff: FAILED

backupninja is 1.0.1-1 from ubuntu quantal

0001-allow-include-root-in-.rdiff-files.patch View (1.18 KB) sudoman, 10/22/2015 02:53 PM


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Anyone familiar with the rdiff-backup, and willing to have a look if this limitation still makes sense, and what it would take to drop it?

(Setting to low-priority, as that's a wishlist feature request IMO, and I doubt anything will happen unless someone provides a patch.)

#2 Updated by sudoman almost 3 years ago

I'm willing to look into this. Hopefully I'll submit a patch upstream. Was this limitation at some point needed? In what way did it originally make sense?

The reason why I see this feature as important is because I'm backing up many live systems. If someone creates a subdirectory and puts important data in there without notifying the sysadmin team, then when the system dies years down the road, we'll find out that an important directory was never backed-up. In this case it seems like a better idea to backup / and to exclude /tmp, /sys, /proc and /dev.

I want to make sure that I won't be performing a hack job if someone knows that this will not work. So if you have or don't have evidence either way, please let me know. Thanks! : D

#3 Updated by sudoman over 2 years ago

I've been using "include = /*" over many remote ssh sessions for quite a while and have seen no issues.

I created a patch to allow "include = /" which I tested locally. I've seen no issue with this change.

Will you please merge this upstream? Thanks : )

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