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Update search engines

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  • The alternate search engine in Torbutton settings is set to Scroogle. This could be duckduckgo or ixquick, actually there should be startpage but I think TBB is going for changes about search engines: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/4902 So the search engine options in Torbutton would be useless. But for now please set it as DDG or ixquick


  • Google, DuckDuckGo* and Wikipedia searchplugins have no icons. Different from Iceweasel, the icons in Firefox are integrated into the xml files, so replacing them with Firefox defaults would be better.

This is a different issue, and would need a different todo/ page to be tracked. Anyway: I agree, but very low priority IMHO.

*default-duplicate DuckDuckGo will be deleted in "0.11":./Update_DuckDuckGo.html


done a long time ago.


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