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Handler for attic backup

Added by exobuzz over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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initial handler for attic - - a fast, secure de-duplicating remote backup
program. (a good alternative to rdiff-backup as rdiff-backup is no longer in development).

I haven't included a helper, as the helper code needs some work to correctly support spaces in form entries - I will contribute that as a separate patch and then submit the helper for attic.

In regards to previous comments regarding development and free time, I am keen to get some of the recent stuff into backupninja. I can not promise anything, but with commit access I would be happy to test out a few changes and push them out. Doesn't seem like there are enough people for in-depth q/a and testing, so it might be best to merge in some of the new stuff and let the end users report any issues back?


#1 Updated by exobuzz over 3 years ago

to clarify regarding the helper changes I need, the lib/ returns the output from dialog in a string - REPLY - and this is then converted to an array by helpers and members extracted. To make it work with spaces in parameters rather than the helper having to mess with IFS and create an array themselves, it can be changed to return an array, with it correctly separated and for helpers to just use this directly. I'll post a patch anyway which will clarify things more.

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Thanks for working on this!

#3 Updated by drzraf over 2 years ago

Would be nice to get that in too.
+1 for the advise, just commit in new stuff (marking new helpers "experimental", for safety), then let's bugs, Q/A come later.
backups are important to get right but backupninja seems stalling.

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