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Group wiki - Get rid of public homepage for now

Added by Anonymous almost 9 years ago. Updated almost 9 years ago.

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In the group wiki, can we disable the public homepage for now?
It is confusing and upon clikcing on editing, it looks like it edits the public by default, not the private.


#1 Updated by elijah almost 9 years ago

well, it is editing the public by default. i guess what is confusing is that if the private is empty, it will default to using the public.

this falls into a certain category of bug / feature request: the change that seems simple to make, but is really a nightmare.

what is a 'nightmare' request? a request to change a small problem where the desired change cannot be generalized to other situations.

in this example, to make this change would require one of two methods:

  1. hack the youthportal branch to add a special hack to remove the public homepage tab.
  2. add a site configuration option called 'enabled_public_homepage_wiki'

both of these are awful! the first one creates a total disaster, because it makes the different branches increasingly difficult to maintain and eventually some other branch will want the same hack and it just creates a giant mess. the second one is no better, because we keep adding new options like this. all these little options are exploding, and creating a mess of the code and making it overly complex to configure sites.

two things are needed:

  1. redmine issues should be problem based and not fix based. it is good to suggest a fix, but the fix is going to come from a dialog and from people working on UI. so, for example, instead of 'remove public homepage', the issue title would be 'how public and private wiki editing works is confusing'.
  2. we really need to spend the time to figure out general solutions to these problems. yes, it seems easier to just remove a tab. in the long run, however, this is going to be much much more work, because other sites are going to need that ability. the general principle is: more work now to solve the general problem is more efficient than making a quick fix for the specific problem.

#2 Updated by jeffrey almost 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Confirmed

triaged. status set to open so issue gets eyed by mr. scott. seems like feature request by reporter (per elijah).

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