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11434TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAssociate Backspace with "Back" in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:45 PM
11433TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalBroken shortcuts to additional setting configuration in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:44 PM
11432TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalEmpty pop with multiple additional settings in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:43 PM
11431TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalPressing Enter in tree-like search tool should select first entry in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:42 PM
11430TailsFeatureConfirmedNormal"Screen Keyboard" doesn't work in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:41 PM
11429TailsFeatureConfirmedNormal"Larger Text" does not refresh the whole view in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:39 PM
11428TailsFeatureConfirmedNormal"Screen Reader" does nothing in new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:38 PM
11427TailsBugIn ProgressNormalDon't translate press/media_appearances_*sajolidaanonym05/17/2016 08:14 PM
11425TailsBugFix committedNormalvagrant-libvirt build fails on Debian unstablehybridwipe05/21/2016 03:02 PMPass
11424TailsBugConfirmedNormalMake /about/contact translatablesajolidasajolida05/16/2016 09:23 AM
11423TailsBugConfirmedNormalMerge /support/chat and /contribute/chat into /about/contactsajolidasajolida05/16/2016 09:41 AM
11422TailsBugNewNormalMake sure Torbirdy modifications on top of Fred's patchset get into Tailsuanonym05/16/2016 07:30 AM
11421TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalChange kernel.perf_event_paranoid sysctl to 2cypherpunksDr_Whax05/24/2016 02:17 AM
11420TailsFeatureFix committedNormalPlease detect libdvd-css failuresCyrilBrulebois05/24/2016 11:08 PMPass
11419TailsBugConfirmedNormalDeal with mandatory extension signing post FF45esranonymanonym05/17/2016 04:50 PM
11418TailsBugIn ProgressNormalRemove iceweasel-l10n-*anonymanonym05/14/2016 10:00 PM
11417TailsFeatureNewNormalDefault torbutton security slider to "Medium-High"bdwong05/16/2016 08:43 AM
11416TailsFeatureNewNormalEnable booting inside PlopKexecbdwong05/26/2016 07:43 PM
11415TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalPoint tails::jenkins::apt_proxy to the devel branch on lizardintrigeriintrigeri05/15/2016 12:42 AM
11414TailsBugConfirmedElevatedThe "Chatting with some friend over XMPP in a multi-user chat" scenario is fragileanonymanonym05/28/2016 09:57 AM
11413TailsBugFix committedElevatedTest suite: newly added XMPP account is not persisted, and "Pidgin has the expected persistent accounts configured" doesn't noticeintrigeri05/26/2016 04:53 PMPass
11412TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalDrop support for packages-from-acng-log in our Puppet manifestsintrigeriintrigeri05/14/2016 11:33 AM
11411TailsBugConfirmedNormalVagrant build doc should tell what filesystem permissions must be granted to the libvirt-qemu userintrigerianonym05/12/2016 03:30 AM
11410TailsBugFix committedNormalvagrant-libvirt's chosen CPU cannot be emulated on Intel Core i7-4600Uintrigeri05/11/2016 02:13 PMPass
11409TailsBugConfirmedNormalDeal with the 'Dogtail: warning: application may be hanging' buganonymanonym05/11/2016 03:25 AM
11408TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCreate a list of screenshots we wantmuri05/12/2016 03:01 PM
11407TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCreate a step to do a screenshot of an application and export from test environmentmuri05/12/2016 03:01 PM
11406TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalImplement automatic l10n screenshots for wiki muri05/12/2016 03:00 PM
11404TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalRewrite Ubuntu instructions to install Tails Installer from Synapticsajolidasajolida05/09/2016 11:11 AM
11403TailsFeatureFix committedHighMigrate to Tor Browser 6.0.x based on Firefox 45.2anonymanonym05/26/2016 11:56 AMDev Needed
11402TailsFeatureFix committedNormalonioncircuits: add TOR_CONTROL_* environment variablesdawuud05/15/2016 08:46 AMPass
11401TailsBugIn ProgressElevatedrobust_notification_wait sometimes opens the Applications menu which breaks testsintrigerianonym05/25/2016 09:01 AMReady for QA
11400TailsBugConfirmedNormal"I test Torbirdy's proxy settings" test sometimes fails due to missing favicon in "congratulations" tabintrigeri05/05/2016 09:30 AM
11399TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAudit Icedove and TorBirdy as feed reader in Tailssajolidasajolida05/05/2016 09:20 AM
11398TailsBugIn ProgressElevatedFlorence sometimes hides other windows, which breaks testsbertagazanonym05/27/2016 12:29 PMReady for QA
11396TailsBugConfirmedNormalMake sure vagrant-libvirt is packaged according to our needsanonymanonym05/04/2016 03:37 AM
11395TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAdd a suspend button to the status menusegfaultsegfault05/13/2016 07:59 AM
11394TailsBugConfirmedNormal"Symmetric encryption and decryption using OpenPGP Applet" is fragilebertagaz05/03/2016 07:41 AM
11392TailsBugConfirmedNormalTails does not start : document workarounds to reach debug informationselouann04/29/2016 03:52 PM
11391TailsBugFix committedNormalReduce attack surface with firewall hardeningintrigeri05/09/2016 03:22 AMPass
11390TailsBugNewNormalMake Tails Installer UI more foolproofuu04/29/2016 11:04 AM
11387TailsBugConfirmedLowTails upgrader left garbage in Tails partitionmawo05/12/2016 07:01 AM
11386TailsBugConfirmedNormalTest suite: undefined local variable or method `force_new_tor_circuit'intrigerianonym05/05/2016 09:28 AM
11385TailsBugConfirmedNormalUpdate /doc/first_steps/shutdown to Tails 2.0sajolida04/28/2016 12:28 PM
11384TailsFeatureIn ProgressHighRecord the current state of our mirror pool in JSONintrigeriintrigeri05/23/2016 12:49 PM
11382TailsBugNewNormalNew ibus-pinyin cannot be used for quanpinemmapeelintrigeri04/30/2016 06:42 AMDev Needed
11380TailsBugConfirmedNormalWrite instructions for members of the revocation mechanismsajolidasajolida04/27/2016 05:48 AM
11378TailsBugConfirmedNormalUpdate installation instructions on Ubuntu to 16.04sajolida04/26/2016 10:31 AM
11376TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalRemove @check_tor_leaks tag and always look for leaksanonymanonym04/25/2016 06:56 AM
11375TailsBugConfirmedNormalWrite release notes for 2.9sajolidasajolida04/25/2016 05:25 AM

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