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11788TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalEnable TRIM support on all SSD-backed storageintrigeriintrigeri09/10/2016 08:51 AM
11787TailsBugConfirmedNormalRevert workaround for dq being Priority: Standardintrigeriintrigeri09/10/2016 04:06 AM
11786TailsBugConfirmedElevatedMemory wipe fails more often since Linux 4.6mercedes508mercedes50809/24/2016 06:58 AMInfo Needed
11785TailsBugConfirmedNormalUsers get confused by the particularities of our key. emmapeelemmapeel09/10/2016 04:37 AMInfo Needed
11782we.riseup.netBugNewHigh"Name must exist" erroragitkidazul09/06/2016 03:50 PM
11780TailsBugConfirmedNormalGNOME Sound Recorder unusable because of "invalid capture settings"sajolidahybridwipe09/22/2016 09:13 PM
11778TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCreate user scenarios with regard to the scope of Tailsuu09/10/2016 05:06 AM
11777TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalUpdate PELD document against the future scope of Tailsu09/04/2016 05:52 AM
11776TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalDocument the switch from tails-support to tails-support-privateusajolida09/03/2016 04:56 AM
11771TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalConsider adding a header warning on the Reddit page telling people that we're not maintaining this activelyuemmapeel09/05/2016 03:49 AM
11770TailsFeatureNewNormalImprove Tails user support: investigate Reddit as a semi-official support channeluemmapeel09/05/2016 03:49 AM
11769TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCheck if some of us could get involved in Reddit's tails/ channeluemmapeel09/05/2016 03:48 AM
11768TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalImprove our handling of new contractorsuu09/23/2016 02:25 AMInfo Needed
11767TailsFeatureNewNormalGender neutral translations in German: discuss MITMuspriver09/07/2016 02:43 AM
11766TailsFeatureNewNormalMake the german translation gender neutraluspriver09/03/2016 04:36 AM
11765TailsFeatureNewNormalDocument in "How to add a new language" that we want gender neutral translationsuspriver09/03/2016 04:35 AM
11764TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalDocument the format of email subjects for review and pull requests on the translators documentationuelouann09/03/2016 04:35 AM
11763TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalDocument how to use the future translation platform for translatorsuemmapeel09/10/2016 05:09 AM
11762TailsFeatureNewLowTry to get the farsi translation back into shapeuu09/03/2016 05:04 AM
11761TailsFeatureNewNormalUpdate translation platform blueprintuelouann09/03/2016 04:29 AM
11760TailsFeatureNewNormalDocument the entire weblate installation & setup processuemmapeel09/03/2016 04:26 AM
11759TailsFeatureNewNormalInstall & configure a fresh weblate on the VMuemmapeel09/03/2016 04:27 AM
11758TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAnalyze early boot entropy gatheringsycamoreonesycamoreone09/03/2016 02:17 AM
11756TailsBugConfirmedNormalGet rid of "Sundry" submenu in Application Menumuri09/01/2016 02:32 AM
11755TailsBugIn ProgressNormalDogtail does not work for X applications running as non-amnesia usersanonymanonym08/31/2016 03:18 AM
11754TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalPort complex build shell scripts to Pythonintrigerisycamoreone09/10/2016 04:46 AM
11753TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalPort complex shell scripts shipped in /usr/local to Pythonintrigerianonym09/09/2016 02:50 PMReady for QA
11751TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalPublish the public part of our distribution mechanismsajolidasajolida08/30/2016 03:30 AM
11750TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalTrack the distribution of the shares of the revocation certificatesajolidasajolida09/12/2016 01:25 PM
11749TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalGet more OpenPGP smartcard hardwareintrigeriintrigeri08/30/2016 03:33 AM
11747TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalUpdate our OpenPGP keys in 2017intrigeriintrigeri08/30/2016 05:22 AM
11746TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalOpenPGP Applet: get rid of libgtk3-simplelist-perlnodensnodens08/30/2016 02:40 AM
11745TailsBugConfirmedNormalTalk to people from Tor about RT as request tracker for our help desksajolidasajolida08/29/2016 10:59 AM
11744TailsBugConfirmedNormalExperiment with RT against our requirementssajolidaemmapeel08/29/2016 10:58 AM
11743TailsFeatureNewNormalBlueprint for "Documentation for newcomers"volentaelouann08/29/2016 08:47 AM
11742TailsBugConfirmedNormalUpdate doc screenshots for 3.0spriverspriver09/04/2016 01:10 PM
11741TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalGet rid of the Pidgin's "systray" iconintrigeri08/29/2016 06:23 AM
11740TailsBugIn ProgressNormalTotem (torsocks-wrapped) fails to start on Stretchintrigeriintrigeri08/28/2016 11:45 AM
11739TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalUpgrade our isotesters to Stretch and stop supporting Jessie for running the test suiteintrigeriintrigeri08/28/2016 03:39 AM
11738TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalUpgrade our ISO builder Vagrant basebox to Stretchintrigeri08/28/2016 03:41 AM
11737TailsBugConfirmedNormalTopIcons plus sometimes does not do its jobintrigeri09/10/2016 11:22 AM
11736TailsBugConfirmedLowTorsocks complains when used with Monkeysign, but works anywayemmapeelemmapeel09/10/2016 08:06 AM
11734TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalTest the 64-bit ISO with 32-bit UEFI hardwareintrigeriintrigeri08/26/2016 01:16 PM
11733TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalImplement client authentication in Tails Serversegfaultsegfault08/26/2016 07:44 AM
11732TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalMake guard nodes stable across rebootsegfault08/26/2016 07:30 AM
11731TailsBugConfirmedNormalThe text of the selected entry in the localization menus is grayed out on Stretchintrigerialant08/26/2016 06:28 AM
11730TailsBugConfirmedElevatedMemory erasure freezes more often on Stretchintrigerianonym08/28/2016 02:42 AMInfo Needed
11729TailsBugConfirmedNormalEmergency shutdown triggered after resuming from suspendsegfaultsajolida08/31/2016 05:59 AMInfo Needed
11727TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalHave a quick and easy plan to gather metrics about how the donation campaign goessajolidasajolida09/19/2016 01:01 PM
11726TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalHave a footer on tails-bugs@ inviting to donatesajolidasajolida09/21/2016 09:57 AMPass

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