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11319TailsBugConfirmedNormalThere should be user feedback when the session is loadingalant04/04/2016 03:24 PM
11318TailsBugConfirmedNormalThere should be user feedback when the greeter is loadingalant04/04/2016 03:22 PM
11317TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalPass a call to host an XMPP server for Tails supportemmapeelemmapeel04/04/2016 07:35 PMDev Needed
11315TailsFeatureConfirmedLowConsider adding links to supported browsers in the assistant pagegebgeb04/26/2016 01:50 AM
11314TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalImplement a Tails Server prototypesegfaultsegfault04/20/2016 09:41 AM
11313TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalDesign the GUI of Tails Serversegfaultsegfault04/22/2016 12:04 PM
11312TailsBugNewNormalThe option's configuration window does not open anymore after adding and removing the optionsegfault04/03/2016 09:36 PM
11311TailsBugNewNormalThe description of the selected option in the new Greeter's "Add Additional Setting" window is barely visible segfault04/03/2016 09:34 PM
11310TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalConsider adding some Warning about using BitTorrent to download Tailsgeb04/03/2016 09:43 PM
11309TailsBugNewNormalSearch entry in new Greeter's time zone selection window does not worksegfault04/03/2016 09:30 PM
11308TailsFeatureNewNormalPressing Return in the new Greeter locale selection window should select topmost itemsegfault04/03/2016 09:29 PM
11307TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalMake sure that anonymous XMPP logins work in Pidgin/Tailssycamoreonesycamoreone04/18/2016 02:00 AM
11306TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalMove #tails to XMPPintrigeriintrigeri04/29/2016 03:41 PM
11305TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAutomate the handling of the translation merge request common caseintrigeriintrigeri04/03/2016 03:20 PM
11304TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalMake sure that DAVE honors Expires and Cache-Control headerintrigerima104/03/2016 01:17 PM
11303TailsFeatureIn ProgressNormalShip mesa from jessie-backportsintrigeriintrigeri04/29/2016 02:52 PM
11302TailsFeatureNewLowCleanup a bit and pep8-ify onioncircuitjvoisin04/02/2016 07:04 PMReady for QA
11301TailsBugConfirmedNormalPoint to stable version of DAVE from download.inline.mdwnsajolidasajolida04/01/2016 11:17 AM
11300TailsBugConfirmedNormalHave stable version of DAVE out of development channelsajolidama104/01/2016 11:15 AM
11299TailsBugConfirmedNormalGNOME status menu shows rotation lock buttonsegfaultsegfault03/31/2016 08:32 PM
11298TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCheck our Flattr balance at the end of the campaignsajolida03/31/2016 06:14 PM
11297TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAdd a banner for donation during the campaignsajolidasajolida03/31/2016 05:29 PM
11296TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalBetter document how to build the website in selected languagesgoupillegoupille04/22/2016 10:29 AMReady for QA
11295TailsBugConfirmedNormalTest jobs sometimes get their isotester stolen by another one.bertagazbertagaz04/06/2016 12:48 PM
11294TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalReplace remote shell with python-negotiatoranonymanonym03/31/2016 10:42 AM
11293TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalCheck if/how we should use NetworkManager's new MAC address spoofing capabilitiesintrigeri03/31/2016 09:38 AM
11292TailsBugConfirmedNormalChinese (Bopomofo) is not workinggslinanonym04/12/2016 08:55 AM
11290TailsBugConfirmedNormalInconsistent state between Tor status icon and Onion Circuitssajolida04/01/2016 05:04 PM
11286TailsBugConfirmedNormalClicking Applications → System Tools → poweroff doesn't workmercedes50803/27/2016 06:22 PM
11285TailsBugIn ProgressNormalCheck if we need to disable UseDefaultFallbackDirs in Tor 0.2.8+intrigerianonym04/29/2016 02:54 AMInfo Needed
11284TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalUpdate the DNS round-robin mirror pool to only include a few fast and reliable HTTP mirrorsintrigeriintrigeri03/25/2016 09:29 PM
11281TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalEnable kASLRintrigeriintrigeri03/24/2016 08:12 PM
11278etherpadBugNewNormalerror.log needs anonymizationtaggartriseup_sysadmins03/23/2016 06:13 PM
11277TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalGroup hosts and services in the monitoring setupbertagazbertagaz04/29/2016 12:09 PMDev Needed
11276TailsBugConfirmedElevatedDecide what to do wrt. I2Pintrigerianonym03/23/2016 10:38 AM
11275TailsFeatureNewNormalinclude avconv for converting mediamarble03/26/2016 11:33 AM
11272TailsBugConfirmedLowLast line of Whisperback report uses different fontmercedes508alant03/25/2016 08:25 PM
11271TailsFeatureNewNormalRequest Addition Of Network Heaven Appjohnw5432103/26/2016 12:43 PM
11270TailsBugConfirmedNormalBring back "minimize" and "maximize" buttons in titlebars by defaultelementar04/29/2016 06:51 AMReady for QA
11269TailsBugConfirmedNormalConsider linking to /install/download from /installsajolidatchou04/28/2016 06:12 AMReady for QA
11268TailsBugConfirmedNormal"Download again" link doesn't download againsajolidatchou03/21/2016 12:27 AM
11267TailsBugConfirmedLowAdd nm-connection-editor to the network setup instructionsmuri04/26/2016 09:23 AM
11265TailsBugConfirmedNormalConfigure Weblate rolesuu03/19/2016 11:37 PM
11260MATBugNewNormalReconsider .desktop menu categoriesspriver03/22/2016 05:29 PMInfo Needed
11259BackupninjaBugNewNormaldrop the vague desire of /bin/sh compatdrzraf03/18/2016 12:45 AM
11258BackupninjaBugNewNormalgetconf is 1) bash-only, 2) buggydrzraf03/17/2016 05:18 PM
11257TailsBugConfirmedLowFeature Request: Anti-Keystroke Fingerprinting Toolbancfcbancfc03/18/2016 09:45 PMInfo Needed
11256TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalReplace "Debian Live user" with a more descriptive full user namesajolida03/18/2016 03:01 PM
11255TailsFeatureConfirmedNormalAdjust our documentation to the change of user namesajolida03/17/2016 04:27 PM
11253TailsBugConfirmedNormalSee if we can upstream our VPN bits to immerda's puppet-tinc modulebertagazbertagaz03/22/2016 11:41 AM

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