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Toggle check # Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
11481TailsBugNewNormalAlert TorBirdy devs about Icedove upstream patch prefsuu05/24/2016 01:11 PM
11477TailsBugNewNormalIncrease 'MAC Spoofing' popover dialog paddingSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 10:16 PM
11476TailsBugNewNormalChange 'Add Additional Setting' text to whiteSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 10:14 PM
11475TailsBugNewNormalRemove ocational list item label redundancySpencerOnealant05/23/2016 10:10 PM
11474TailsBugNewNormalUpdate secondary (parenthetical) list item textSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 10:12 PM
11473TailsBugNewNormalAdd list item dividersSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 10:11 PM
11472TailsBugNewNormalUpdate Greeter iconsSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 09:56 PM
11471TailsBugNewNormal'Help' button hover state SpencerOnealant05/23/2016 09:47 PM
11470TailsBugNewNormalAdding welcome text punctuationSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 09:44 PM
11469TailsBugNewNormalDecrease welcome text trackingSpencerOnealant05/23/2016 09:41 PM
11461TailsFeatureNewNormalTAILS Phonesamy.pl05/23/2016 12:59 PM
11456TailsBugNewNormalTails in VirtualBox 4.3.x is 800x600soulplane1105/23/2016 11:38 AM
11438TailsFeatureNewNormalReview user-visible strings of new Greetersajolidaalant05/17/2016 02:50 PM
11422TailsBugNewNormalMake sure Torbirdy modifications on top of Fred's patchset get into Tailsuanonym05/16/2016 07:30 AM
11417TailsFeatureNewNormalDefault torbutton security slider to "Medium-High"bdwong05/16/2016 08:43 AM
11416TailsFeatureNewNormalEnable booting inside PlopKexecbdwong05/26/2016 07:43 PM
11390TailsBugNewNormalMake Tails Installer UI more foolproofuu04/29/2016 11:04 AM
11312TailsBugNewNormalThe option's configuration window does not open anymore after adding and removing the optionsegfault05/03/2016 01:43 PM
11311TailsBugNewNormalThe description of the selected option in the new Greeter's "Add Additional Setting" window is barely visible segfault04/03/2016 09:34 PM
11309TailsBugNewNormalSearch entry in new Greeter's time zone selection window does not worksegfault04/03/2016 09:30 PM
11308TailsFeatureNewNormalPressing Return in the new Greeter locale selection window should select topmost itemsegfault04/03/2016 09:29 PM
11278etherpadBugNewNormalerror.log needs anonymizationtaggart03/23/2016 06:13 PM
11275TailsFeatureNewNormalinclude avconv for converting mediamarble03/26/2016 11:33 AM
11271TailsFeatureNewNormalRequest Addition Of Network Heaven Appjohnw5432103/26/2016 12:43 PM
11259BackupninjaBugNewNormaldrop the vague desire of /bin/sh compatdrzraf03/18/2016 12:45 AM

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