Bug #6460

Updated by intrigeri over 3 years ago

See _Shutdown stopped working in nightly experimental?_ and _Fix sdmem on Intel graphic hardware, please review_ threads on tails-dev.

Not better with the following (one change at a time) attempts:

* Linux 3.12 (3.12-1~exp1) from Debian experimental
* Linux 3.12.3 (3.12.3-1~exp1) from Debian experimental
* Linux 3.12.6 (3.12.6-1) from Debian unstable
* Linux 3.13-rc6 (3.13~rc6-1~exp1) from Debian experimental
* kexec-tools 2.0.4-1
* initramfs-tools 0.114
* removing @--reset-vga@ from the @tails-kexec@ initscript

This might be the same problem as:

as "reported by Dave Young on LKML":


Something that could be worth giving a try is booting with KMS disabled. If this works, then we may narrow it down to a graphics driver issue.