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10716NewNormalrdiff add basedir confvarrdiff-backup handlerReady for QA
10363In ProgressNormalbackupninja starts *~ files in /etc/backup.dReady for QA
9806NewNormalrsync handler fails when trying to include paths with spacesrsync handlerrhattoReady for QA
8185In ProgressNormalget returncode of subshellbackupninjaReady for QA
6796In ProgressNormalionice support (initially for rdiff-backup)rdiff-backup handlerReady for QA
6388In ProgressNormalMigrate from hwinfo to lshwsys info handlerReady for QA
6203ConfirmedNormalRotation of tar archivestar handlerReady for QA
4292ConfirmedNormalWrong paths from SVN handlersvn handlerMoonSireReady for QA
3543In ProgressLowSupport bup as a backup methodnew handlerReady for QA
3462ConfirmedLowAllow logging to syslogbackupninjaintrigeriReady for QA
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8834In ProgressNormalnew duplicity loses option --ssh-backend causing backups to failduplicity handlerintrigeriReady for QA
640In ProgressNormalIf when parameter is set to a time, it will silently failbackupninjamicahReady for QA

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