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4050BugNewNormalemails sometimes being sent base64 encodedmicahInfo Needed
7751BugNewNormalExclude-like functionality for .mysql handler
10363BugIn ProgressNormalbackupninja starts *~ files in /etc/backup.dReady for QA
9397BugNewNormal'when' parameter parsed incorrectly for day of month < 10
11148BugNewNormalmysqldump shouldn't dump information_schema or performance_schema
11258BugNewNormalgetconf is 1) bash-only, 2) buggy
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640BugIn ProgressNormalIf when parameter is set to a time, it will silently failmicahReady for QA
3962BugConfirmedNormalCleanup lock files on SIGTERM
3841BugIn ProgressNormalbackupninja concurrent run pileupdkgInfo Needed
4150BugFix committedNormalpartial devices enumeration leads to LUKS headers not being backup'd
6726BugFix committedNormalmixed indentation
8185BugIn ProgressNormalget returncode of subshellReady for QA
8227FeatureConfirmedNormalTest suiterhattoDev Needed
11259BugNewNormaldrop the vague desire of /bin/sh compat
1074FeatureConfirmedLowrun backupninja as non-root user
2406FeatureConfirmedLowbackupninja -t doesn't check if tool exists and executable
2494FeatureConfirmedLowHandler for file system checks (fsck)
2490FeatureConfirmedLowMutiple conditional checks for multiple actions
3462FeatureConfirmedLowAllow logging to syslogintrigeriReady for QA
3703FeatureConfirmedLowAdd --version option
3895FeatureConfirmedLowapplying settings via shell commandsyoav
4087BugConfirmedLowDuplicity with verbosity=9 fills up /tmp
6727FeatureIn ProgressLowAbility to run a script before and after a jobexobuzzDev Needed
8279BugNewLowExit status should be other than zero if backupninja something goes wrong
10172BugNewLowbn tries emailing over-sized logs
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