• update version in
  • update first line of ChangeLog
  • commit
  • create the tarball:
git tag -s backupninja-$VERSION
make dist
  • compare the content of the generated tarball with the content of the previous one
  • mv backupninja-$VERSION.tar.gz ../tarballs/
  • cleanup: make distclean
  • go sign the release:
cd ../tarballs
gpg --armor --detach-sign backupninja-$VERSION.tar.gz
  • upload the generated tarball and detached signature to
  • push master branch and tags
  • announce on the backupninja mailing-list


ln -s backupninja-$VERSION.tar.gz backupninja_$VERSION.orig.tar.gz
cd ../git
git checkout upstream
git merge backupninja-$VERSION
git checkout debian
git-import-orig ../tarballs/backupninja-$VERSION.tar.gz
git-dch --auto
dch -e
git commit debian/changelog -m "Releasing backupninja ($DEBIAN_VERSION) to Debian unstable" 
git tag -s -m "Releasing backupninja ($DEBIAN_VERSION) to Debian unstable" backupninja_debian/$DEBIAN_VERSION
  • push the debian branch
  • publish the source package somewhere
  • ask someone listed in the Uploaders control field to review and upload
  • push the tag, once uploaded to Debian