From 01/03/2012 to 02/01/2012


03:13 AM Feature #3770 (Confirmed): Diacritical marks in user names?
What would be involved in allowing diacritical marks to appear in user names? calhoun


11:02 AM Bug #3699: image viewing bug
View image bug lingers on:
For example, on, when I ...


04:15 AM Bug #3730 (Resolved): Simply navigating to networks/groups generates spontaneous errors
Now, even navigating to a network (for example: generates a name taken ... calhoun
04:08 AM Bug #3729 (Resolved): Page sharing errors and page featuring errors
When trying to feature asset pages with networks and groups, pervasive errors occur. The text is "changes could not b... calhoun
04:06 AM Bug #3728 (Resolved): Pervasive errors when changing page names
When I try to change the title of I rec... calhoun


10:03 AM Bug #3726 (Confirmed): In post moderation, the "view all posts" readout is confusing.
very hard to tell what's going on. seems like ...

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