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Crabgrass is a software libre web application designed for social networking, group collaboration and network organizing. Our goal is to create communication tools that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of bottom up grassroots organizing. By social networking, we mean the ability of users to get to know one another through their online contributions and presence. By group collaboration, we mean the ability of small groups to get things done, such as share files, track tasks and projects, make decisions and build repositories of shared knowledge. By network organizing, we mean the ability of multiple groups to work together on projects in a democratic manner.


You can download the current stable code from github:
This is where development towards version 1.0 is taking place.

You can also clone it from our own git repo:

 git clone git://

Bugs vs Features

Bug: If something is not working the way it should, report it as a bug
Feature: If you want something to be enhanced, or you want a new ability in crabgrass, report it as a feature

Issue tracking

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Feature 350 476 826
Support 19 45 64

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