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2776BugSECURITY ISSUE:You are able to add pages to other groups you have no access toshokoraazul
6572BugForgot password doesn't workIna
6760BugThe user can navigate to the private page following direct linkcb0.09.0
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1309BugChat moderation - move to trashfichoz. Backlog B
2057BugLoops in group-structure make groups unusableniklasz. Backlog B
2324Bug"page name is owned by user x" is displaying in me feed.mcnair
2489Buginvestigate mysql joinskclair
3476BugMembers cannot be removed from a networkstrongwindsahead
3877BugNetwork Committees don't appear on frontpageIspilidna
3880BugNetwork Council is just another committeeIspilidna
6749Bugcreating wiki throws errormcnairazul0.09.0
6755BugPermission denied on non-public groups/networks/councils/committeescb0.09.0
6757BugNavigation to private user "pages" page is giving errorcb0.09.0
6758BugWrong formating of task pagecb0.09.0
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295BugNon-public groups still appear on the Network landing pageterrawz. Backlog C
337Bug2nd registration page - title changeterrawz. Backlog C
699BugHead trauma on friendly_dates - this seems to only occure for some users.terrawz. Backlog B
751BugNon-member to group sees the "send invites" "view requests" optionscalhounazulz. Backlog C
851BugSettings & Requests Controls Mistakenly Visibleficho
852BugGroup wiki - Get rid of public homepage for nowficho
857Bug‘down for maintenance’ pagemcnairz. Backlog B
1050BugGallery Image Display Bug?chrisc
1220BugMany Participants Degrades Page Utilityficho
1256BugWall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusionterraw
1303BugBug #1268: StopX - Admin Panel - Edit Groups - Error message. Has not been resolvedjgonzalez

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