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4155Bugruby 1.9.3nanu
4225Bugwiki rendering fails with cyrillic/greek characters in headlinekardan
4275BugUnable to edit next pages in galleriestantrura
4381Bug'Could not login' message appears if cookies aren't acceptedkays
4388BugSitehome Layoutmcnair0.10.0
4405Bugdropdown of groups has the wrong linkazulz. Backlog A
4417BugAttempted login w/o cookies yields confusing erroriggy
6257Bugprofile page doesn't show encryption keymaquis
6603BugWiki loses text when it gets longervandana_shiva
6688BugUgly gradient on buttonscbz. Backlog A
6748BugReverse order of messages display so the newest is on page 1mcnairelijahProposals
6780Bugemail notifications do not workmaquismaquis
7153BugSubir Video de YouTubeprenedo
8498BugNavigation to private user "pages" page is giving errorcbazul0.6.0
8614BugProfile field limited to 20 characters onlysilentfactor
9411Bugcrash on committee settingselijahazul
9414Bugcomments display defaults to first pageowen
9427Bug[[toc]] makro not workingstp
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218BugProblem with TLS after marking as inappsafz. Backlog C
320BugInvite users to the StopX Network - invite page not exactly correctterrawz. Backlog C
347BugContributor Count Sort = No Results To Sortewheeler
359BugUpper nav bar still needs to be renamed/translated in Spanish and Portuguese fichoz. Backlog C
362BugWelcome Page when featured shows its entire body.mcnairz. Backlog C
664BugCheck For Updates not working?pedalnoisez. Backlog C
800BugSupeadmins should be able to join groupsfichoz. Backlog B

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