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194BugAsset Page preview doesn't always update with new versionabiez. Backlog C
153Bugcompleting tasklist doesn't update last userWhilelMz. Backlog C
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9677BugSafari: uploading a lot of images to gallery doesnt workmcnairmcnair
7861Buglack of download gallery featureSiltaar
4420BugIncorrectly-escaped HTML in task list itemsevhan
4334BugTag ID cache seems to have many duplicatesazulz. Backlog A
3982BugThe use of unlinked square brackets is kind of buggydigitalesich
3980Bug[[toc]] is missing in page view if italic text is used in the header-elementdigitalesich
3317BugChanging username doesn't affect the message in the dashboardmelt
2712Bug(c) should not autocorrect to copyright symbolsunbird
2658BugAfter edition, wiki doesn't render according to changestzk
2499Bugright sidebar missing from committee home pagesmaxigas
2498Bugcommittee settings misleadingmaxigas
2432Buggreencloth @code@ parsing vs. microbloggersopenuniverse
2374Bugrecipient autocomplete on "me/messages" shows users twiceniklasz. Backlog C
2372Bugcg:update_page_terms should update posts as wellniklas
2257Bugsearch from person search page does not workazulz. Backlog B
2174BugPages just created still show "Create a New Wiki Page" in location path.simonft
2076Bugtr tag not closing for second table on the sitehomeazul
2032BugMy actions registered as "unknown" when they ordinarily wouldn't.calhoun
1965BugPage Navigation On All Pages = Extra Target / IE6jeffreyz. Backlog B
1921Bugdescriptive text needed in message threadssisiz. Backlog B
1871BugCover Image in page feed is in the wrong placemcnairz. Backlog B
1771Buggallery actions need to wrap nicely if font size biggersisiz. Backlog B
1740Bugheading links are underlined in safari on group homesisiz. Backlog B

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