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328BugProfile picture uploading process issuesfichoz. Backlog C
314Bugrecent activity feed - name of groupsfichoz. Backlog C
311BugGallery of Images: Croppedfichoz. Backlog C
194BugAsset Page preview doesn't always update with new versionabiez. Backlog C
153Bugcompleting tasklist doesn't update last userWhilelMz. Backlog C
127BugTask List Formating Problemsmcnairz. Backlog C
125BugDeleting a page sometimes takes you back to a bad place.elijahz. Backlog C
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6759BugIncorrect formating of details of ranked votecb0.09.0
6743BugMessages are displayed with <p> tags escapedazulazul0.09.0
4420BugIncorrectly-escaped HTML in task list itemsevhan
4390BugUI: page feed vertical spacing needs to be tightened up.mcnairelijah0.09.0
4362Bugsurvey page - pagination in list responses tab is brokenmcnairz. Backlog A
4356BugBanner upload of svg causes error screenazulz. Backlog A
4334BugTag ID cache seems to have many duplicatesazulz. Backlog A
4315Bugpage attachment upload sometimes not workingelijahazul
3982BugThe use of unlinked square brackets is kind of buggydigitalesich
3980Bug[[toc]] is missing in page view if italic text is used in the header-elementdigitalesich
3493BugPage type filter only allows me to select one page type at a timemcnair0.9.1 IHME specific work
3317BugChanging username doesn't affect the message in the dashboardmelt
2712Bug(c) should not autocorrect to copyright symbolsunbird
2658BugAfter edition, wiki doesn't render according to changestzk
2499Bugright sidebar missing from committee home pagesmaxigas
2498Bugcommittee settings misleadingmaxigas
2432Buggreencloth @code@ parsing vs. microbloggersopenuniverse
2374Bugrecipient autocomplete on "me/messages" shows users twiceniklasz. Backlog C

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