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9604Bugwiki rendering of indented text gets reorderedtaggartazul
9620Bugwiki edit: stripped content for some pageskardan0.6.2
9677BugUploading a lot of issues to gallery doesnt workmcnairmcnair0.6.2
9727BugLanding page sidebar lists are not alphabetizedazulazul0.6.2
9728Buggroup visits are not counted anymoreazul0.6.2
9736BugLink breaks formating in left column of group homemcnair0.6.2
9738BugDashboard should display only one entry per person per page changesunbird
9768Bugutf-8 broken when notifying of new messages in dashboardazul0.6.2
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218BugProblem with TLS after marking as inappsafz. Backlog C
320BugInvite users to the StopX Network - invite page not exactly correctterrawz. Backlog C
347BugContributor Count Sort = No Results To Sortewheeler
359BugUpper nav bar still needs to be renamed/translated in Spanish and Portuguese fichoz. Backlog C
362BugWelcome Page when featured shows its entire body.mcnairz. Backlog C
664BugCheck For Updates not working?pedalnoisez. Backlog C
800BugSupeadmins should be able to join groupsfichoz. Backlog B
1016BugTrash and Duplicate Page Nameselijah
1019BugPrintable link not working on some page typesfichoz. Backlog C
1073Bugshare and notify - additional message when notifying does not appear in the emailjrwz. Backlog C
1134BugRequesting to be a friend of someone who already requested my friendship gives a permission error.mcnairz. Backlog B
1204BugUser Get Error If Sending Duplicate Invitationmicah
1448Bugmime type descriptions are not translatableniklas
1472BugTranslation misspelled in /invites/accept/...jemand
1502BugIncorrect german translation for 'details' option in approval pollsalster
1574Bugwiki preview differs from saved page: kardan
1578Bugavatar icon of a message not up2datelittleblacknemo

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