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9470BugChanges I make to my votes are not savedazul
9471BugOn wiki pages, numeric lists (with @#@ rather than @*@) do not work anymoreazul
9522Bugno recipient registered on page notification generate no errorWhilelM
9526Bug"My tasks" should not display deleted tasksWhilelM
9604Bugwiki rendering of indented text gets reorderedtaggartazul
9620Bugwiki edit: stripped content for some pageskardan
9644Bugnotifications broken - not sentWhilelM
9647BugBroke 2 Wiki Page by aborting neverending uploadrashbaer
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218BugProblem with TLS after marking as inappsafz. Backlog C
320BugInvite users to the StopX Network - invite page not exactly correctterrawz. Backlog C
347BugContributor Count Sort = No Results To Sortewheeler
359BugUpper nav bar still needs to be renamed/translated in Spanish and Portuguese fichoz. Backlog C
362BugWelcome Page when featured shows its entire body.mcnairz. Backlog C
664BugCheck For Updates not working?pedalnoisez. Backlog C
800BugSupeadmins should be able to join groupsfichoz. Backlog B
1016BugTrash and Duplicate Page Nameselijah
1019BugPrintable link not working on some page typesfichoz. Backlog C
1073Bugshare and notify - additional message when notifying does not appear in the emailjrwz. Backlog C
1134BugRequesting to be a friend of someone who already requested my friendship gives a permission error.mcnairz. Backlog B
1204BugUser Get Error If Sending Duplicate Invitationmicah
1448Bugmime type descriptions are not translatableniklas
1472BugTranslation misspelled in /invites/accept/...jemand
1502BugIncorrect german translation for 'details' option in approval pollsalster
1574Bugwiki preview differs from saved page: kardan
1578Bugavatar icon of a message not up2datelittleblacknemo

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