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699BugHead trauma on friendly_dates - this seems to only occure for some users.terrawz. Backlog B
751BugNon-member to group sees the "send invites" "view requests" optionscalhounazulz. Backlog C
852BugGroup wiki - Get rid of public homepage for nowAnonymous
851BugSettings & Requests Controls Mistakenly VisibleAnonymous
857Bug‘down for maintenance’ pagemcnairz. Backlog B
1050BugGallery Image Display Bug?chrisc
1220BugMany Participants Degrades Page UtilityAnonymous
1256BugWall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusionterraw
1350BugVOY-Groups-cant create group from HomePagemacris
1360BugSelecting Access levels not working when you create a pagemcnairz. Backlog C
1601Bugme pages routes layout is inconsistentazulz. Backlog B
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1260BugDestroyed networks continue to appear on groupspetercollopy
1271BugTranslation regressionWhilelM
1277BugDetails Modal: Participation Tab Incorrectly Indicates 'Unread' Anonymous
1286BugUnable to search in a group if you are not logged in.elijah
1287Bugchat archive does not workqueerfirebird
1298Buggroup councils displaying on network pop-up listcalhoun
1300Bugheadtrauma on group main page wikiWhilelM
1305BugOnce survey is saved once the "create" tab should say "edit"mcnairz. Backlog C
1306BugWhen clicking next or previous in the list of response you get an error.mcnair
1308BugClicking tags on this page doesnt work
1311BugEmails should be encrypted to users who have their public keys setmicah
1312BugModeration interface, page moderationAnonymous
1327Buggroup can be deleted with remaining committeesniklas
1348BugJ8 - - moderation pages - listing unite4climate activitiesjgonzalez
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