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507FeatureNewNormalHighlighting text in a wikimcnair02/05/2009 10:08 AM
651FeatureNewNormalability to send out e-mail invites to join a discussionmark03/18/2009 10:55 AM
693FeatureNewNormalflag page as not relevantjrw04/20/2009 09:17 PM
657FeatureNewNormalCollapsible discussion threadsmark04/20/2009 09:46 PM
621FeatureNewNormal"mark as read" functionniklas05/01/2009 12:26 PM
754FeatureNewNormalBack Up of group pages for usersmara05/04/2009 11:00 AM
937FeatureNewNormalTitle of Feeds coming out of Crabgrass should contain relevant search criteriagreggo06/10/2009 07:54 AM
1017FeatureNewNormalCan Be Seen as Your Friend's Friend When You Disable 'Show Your Friends'servant06/25/2009 10:55 PM
1144FeatureNewNormalStopX - Contribute - Survey - Matrix request jgonzalez07/22/2009 11:47 AM
1145FeatureNewNormalViewer as a default sharing settingAnonymous07/22/2009 01:02 PM
972FeatureNewNormalList of page types in search dropdownAnonymous08/21/2009 11:02 AM
1179FeatureNewNormalTrash: show deleted pages in my groupskardan08/24/2009 12:57 PM
1221FeatureNewNormalWe should start displaying real names and not login namesAnonymous08/26/2009 12:31 AM
1210FeatureNewNormalPage content internationalizationWhilelM08/26/2009 12:32 AM
1253FeatureNewNormalWould like to include a message along with invitations to groups/networks/committeescalhoun09/07/2009 05:43 AM
1254FeatureNewNormalFederation between Crabgrass installations?milk09/07/2009 11:59 PM
1270FeatureNewNormalExport documentation & local backupqueerfirebird09/15/2009 01:26 AM
1251FeatureNewNormalContributions with identical names should display their locations in auto-complete boxescalhoun09/15/2009 09:54 AM
1275FeatureNewNormalAnnouncements needs workcalhoun09/15/2009 10:43 AM
469FeatureNewNormalWatched Pages: List Users Watching A Pagemcnair09/16/2009 02:52 PM
1344FeatureNewNormaldecission making amongst groups for mayor decissionsazul10/18/2009 01:02 PM
1347FeatureNewNormalVideo Page improvementsazul10/19/2009 06:49 AM
1352FeatureNewNormalOpenIDsharp10/20/2009 07:41 PM
1363FeatureNewNormalTask List - Sorting, Deadlines and Importancemara10/23/2009 07:11 AM
1368FeatureNewNormalLet's allow hyperlinks within "summary" space of network and site homes.calhoun10/27/2009 10:48 AM
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