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1648Bug"Contributor" in pages side bar is sometimes misnomoer. jeffreyz. Backlog B
1659BugSite Admin: appearance settingspveriepez. Backlog B
1661BugLong group names break formatting in global nav drop downs.mcnairz. Backlog B
1663Bugadmin/custom_appearances/2/edit formatting offmcnairz. Backlog B
1664BugIf i am the only one in a group, i can not leave or destroy it.mcnairz. Backlog B
1666BugGeolocaton UI work.mcnairz. Backlog B
1668Bugmake me section icon and group icons in banner linked.mcnair
1678Bugmessages: return arrowpveriepez. Backlog B
1693BugUpload Attachment = Late Warnings & Wiki Data Lossjeffreyz. Backlog B
1694BugLong group names breaks title banneralvaroz. Backlog B
1697BugPrivate messages appear in user Dashboardantistrata
1699Bugleave group link on groups banner even if super admin is not a member.azulz. Backlog B
1701Bugadmin + superadmin: nav links additionpveriepez. Backlog B
1741Bugadd css class to handle time filters for links in site home recent pages, most viewed, most active and most starsalvaroz. Backlog B
1748Bugtitle_box and info_box need cleaningkclairz. Backlog B
1757Buggallery-actions class in Safaripveriepez. Backlog B
1760Bug"Permission denied" during approbation of group invitationkardan
1763Bugdeleting user from admin panel crashesazul
1767BugVariable Banner Heightsmcnairz. Backlog B
1770BugNo easy way to get to committees from me-sectionmcnairz. Backlog B
1772Bugnetworks need consistent "network" language and urlssisiz. Backlog B
1784Bugcreate announcement page in weird contextkclair
1785Bugpeople profile page needs fixingmcnairz. Backlog B
1799Bugwhen you notify someone of a page they already have access through via a group, there name gets added to the people group. it should not.mcnairz. Backlog B
1800Bugchanging languages breaks formatting mcnairz. Backlog B
1803Bugcannot list completed tasks for groupkclair
1804Bugconflicting banner / breadcrumbskclair
1806BugCan't delete a commitee in a groupjaja
1808BugBroken ranked voting page mcnairz. Backlog B
1811Bugmake name information from profile (/profile/edit/public) display on profile page (/username)mcnairz. Backlog B
1812BugJoin link should be where the create page link is.mcnairz. Backlog B
1813BugSass deprecation warning (patch)adammck
1819Bugattachments to pages need to have their names hiddensisiz. Backlog B
1820Bugsay box in your profile does not update your statussisiz. Backlog B
1830Bugfriend who is also a peer shows up twice in messages auto completesisiz. Backlog B
1832BugWhen leaving a group the nav is unclear (and nothing is selected)sisiz. Backlog B
1834Bug"wall" in personal profile needs tidying upsisiz. Backlog B
1839BugCreate A Prettier File Pagemcnair
1841Bugstatus update message should say "user x says y" mcnairz. Backlog B
1867BugDocumentation: compass is now requiredmicah
1892Bugempty <li> tag causing double dotted line badness in group admin 4th level navsisiz. Backlog B
1895Buggroup admin 4th level nav no bordersisiz. Backlog B
1900Bugsuper admin current links need to be boldsisiz. Backlog B
1917Bugprofile controller needs some serious reworkazulz. Backlog B
1932Bugnew user message in my_workmcnairz. Backlog B
1942Bugsay box appears on people that i am not friends with. it shouldnt.mcnairz. Backlog B
1946Bugstyling counters in me section second navmcnair
1950Bugbring back the ability undelete and destroy in trash.mcnairz. Backlog B
1961Bugdetails link on public status posts leads nowhereazulazulz. Backlog B
1964BugIncorrect 'Network' Modifier on All Pages URLjeffreyz. Backlog C
1966Bugroute for robots.txt micah
1970Bugtags interface workmcnairz. Backlog B
1976BugSay box textarea is does not cleanly cover the content under it as it expandsjuicez. Backlog B
1985Bugglobal nav groups dropdown get tweaked when a name is too long.juicez. Backlog B
1986Bugerror message needed when users click on empty slideshowsisiz. Backlog B
1995BugCouncils are displaying on My Groups inventory.calhoun
2011Bugoptionality of geolocationmicah
2013Bugde-vendoring undress and uglifymicah
2015Bugpublic commentingmicah
2022Bugwiki locked and page trashed -> big messazul
2028Buggroup home avatar boxes don't show name on mouse overniklas
2040BugSearching as an anonymous user shows login dropdownajturner
2041BugCreating a Group/Committee incorrectly shows the creator to be a member of that groupajturner
2051Bugnotifying a committee doesn't workniklas
2054Bugsitehome > recent pages > multimedia feed brokensisiz. Backlog B
2078BugLarge avatars on group and profile landing page should have a border. mcnairz. Backlog B
2079BugAvatar pictures without a 1:1 ratio do not showsimonft
2090Bugjoin group link needs to be styledsisipveriepez. Backlog B
2091BugGroup Profile Summary "More" link not workingniklasz. Backlog B
2095Bugstrange behaviour in pagination-barsnufuz. Backlog C
2166Bug'Add' instead of 'Create' for external Videopveriepez. Backlog B
2169Bugalt text for group icons/ member icons, etc.pveriepez. Backlog B
2171Bugright sidebar attachmentspveriepepveriepez. Backlog B
2173Bugtag links on a couple of pages link to blank pagespveriepez. Backlog B
2176BugPage still listed at 'recent pages' from a group after removing accesskwadronautz. Backlog B
2177BugPrivate messages remain unreadkwadronaut
2184Bugpublic profile throws PermissionDenied for UnauthenticatedUserniklasz. Backlog B
2191Bugdebug administration link in cucumber nav browse featurekclairz. Backlog B
2193BugTasks - update timepveriepez. Backlog B
2194Bug[tests] fix functional test for networks controllerkclairz. Backlog B
2199Bugwhen page locked, title not lockedbou
2209Bug"join chat" displaying on (where joining chat is impossible)calhoun
2226Bug[tests] chat_controller.rb coverage 54.1%kclairz. Backlog B
2227Bug[tests] pages_controller.rb coverage 78.3%kclairz. Backlog B
2232Bugerror in dispatch_controllerkclairz. Backlog B
2240Bug[tests] make all translator functional tests passazulazulz. Backlog A
2241Bug[tests] make all super_admin functional tests passazulazulz. Backlog A
2245BugUI: width of page content section is too narrowmcnairz. Backlog B
2246Bugbackgroundrb packet_worker stat issuekclairold hotfixes
2274Bugie6 issues on messages pagepveriepepveriepez. Backlog B
2302BugUsing <-- for code tags inserts "codetitle." in front when text is first linesimonft
2320BugBreadcrumbs are missing for councilsmcnairz. Backlog A
2339Bug[flash messages] Better error handling for duplicate names (of committees, councils etc)sisiz. Backlog B
2356BugNotify in social activity when someone is removed from a group.mcnairz. Backlog B
2357Bugtask list titles should use a different header.mcnairz. Backlog B
2358Bugtool tips in page moderation should not show up blanksisiz. Backlog B
2359Bugsidebar no longer show permission levels. mcnairz. Backlog A
2363Bug[action bar] page refreshes to first page after using action bar on second pagesisiz. Backlog B
2364Bugsocial activity pagination messed upmcnairz. Backlog B
2366Bugsocial drop in ie7 is off to the right.mcnairz. Backlog B
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