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# Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
1881BugResolvedElevatedmoderation migration issue during upgradekclairkclair03/11/2010 05:39 AMPass
1879BugResolvedElevatedie6: group / network / person landing page content section falls below the left sidebarmcnairpveriepe03/11/2010 05:39 AMPass
1878BugResolvedElevatedie6: groups > pages formating issuemcnairpveriepe03/11/2010 05:39 AMPass
1877BugResolvedElevatedie6: global search looks bad. the little search button is and the check box are out of line.mcnairpveriepe03/11/2010 05:39 AMPass
1876BugResolvedElevatedIE6: create page button messed up in groups and in me-sectionmcnairpveriepe03/11/2010 05:38 AMPass
1865BugResolvedElevatedcustomize nav links should be showing in the top blue line section which is under global nav.mcnairkclair03/06/2010 01:15 PMPass
1864BugResolvedElevatedRemove Annoucements from sitehome landing page and ability to create from admin section.mcnairkclair03/06/2010 01:14 PMPass
1861BugResolvedElevatedview watched pages crashed ie6mcnairmcnair03/11/2010 05:54 AMPass
1860BugResolvedElevatedheader formatting in ie6 shows the hidden paragraph sign.mcnairjuice03/11/2010 05:54 AMPass
1853BugResolvedElevatedIE6, IE7, IE8 ME global drop-down - disable recent pagespveriepeazul03/10/2010 12:26 PMPass
1836BugResolvedElevatedstatus posts and public messages showing up on discussion pageazuljuice03/04/2010 01:39 AMPass
1827BugResolvedElevatedpeople pagepveriepekclair03/03/2010 06:42 AMPass
1744BugResolvedElevatedlink formatting not working in greencloth in 0.5sisijuice02/25/2010 01:38 AMPass
1727BugResolvedElevatedlogin page format often broken.mcnairjuice03/09/2010 02:28 AMPass
1714BugResolvedElevatedpages: gallerymcnairpveriepe03/09/2010 06:45 AMPass
1711BugResolvedElevatedglobal nav drop down tweaked.mcnairpveriepe03/10/2010 03:01 PMPass
1704BugResolvedElevatedpages: wikimcnairjuice03/06/2010 01:06 PMPass
1656BugResolvedElevatedreal slow we.riseup.netmediastalkmicah04/25/2011 07:02 PM
1622BugResolvedElevatedEdited Page = Unavailable To Other Usersjeffreyjuice03/08/2010 03:49 AMPass
1602BugResolvedElevatedMove from SyslogLogger to ruby standard syslogmicah04/08/2011 06:42 AM
1601BugConfirmedElevatedme pages routes layout is inconsistentazul04/08/2011 06:42 AM
1570BugResolvedElevatedcouncil and committees with duplicate namesazulazul05/12/2010 12:54 PMPass
1557FeatureNewElevatedCalendar Feature timelinescottybwoy03/19/2014 06:23 PM
1498BugResolvedElevatedXSS in 'group not found' error pagesalsterazul08/19/2010 08:17 PMPass
1469FeatureConfirmedElevatedExpose group summary information in directory feedsmcnair04/08/2011 06:42 AM
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