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380BugUnable to delege/edit a photo once it has been added to a Galleryjgonzalezz. Backlog C
382BugPicture gallery - EditingAnonymousz. Backlog C
389Bugdocument uploading errorewheelerz. Backlog C
431BugCSS for a should have cursor: pointer dkgz. Backlog C
437BugAdding an image to a gallery is brokenmicahz. Backlog C
454BugPaging through a group search mistakenly gives you an rss feed.elijahz. Backlog C
460BugPage overflow in layoutmicahz. Backlog C
461Bugtask list displays wrong user after an updatebradleyz. Backlog C
462BugCan not feature an image in the sidebarbradleyz. Backlog C
463BugSome page titles create unclickable linkselijahz. Backlog C
464BugException triggered when I tried to leave coordinating councilmarkz. Backlog C
466Bugchat/channel pages should scroll to the bottom when they first loadmarkz. Backlog C
471BugClicking on an image in a gallery results in: NoMethodError in GalleryController#detail_view micahz. Backlog C
472BugDeleting a post should also delete any related TwinkledActivityelijahz. Backlog C
480Bugcrabgrass bug joining committee (possible mid-air collision?)dkgz. Backlog C
484Bugtasks: list of user's for assigning tasks differs for new and for existing taskslarsz. Backlog C
486BugSevere head trauma on a ranked vote pagemicahz. Backlog C
495BugGallery: can not click through posted images. sometimes works most times doesnt.mcnairz. Backlog C
503BugRecent Activity Feed in Explorer 7 running on XP is too big verticly. It appear half again as tall as in firefoxmcnairz. Backlog C
514BugSome committee pages do not appear on committee's home pagesunbirdz. Backlog C
619BugProfile page not displayingmbergz. Backlog C
656BugPage Name Uniqueness Enforcement = Buggyazul
679BugAccess when no longer logged injessibz. Backlog C
684Bugthe star page link show even when i dont have permission to star someones pagemcnairz. Backlog C
697BugUnderline not working for header formating.mcnairz. Backlog C
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