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1356BugHow to select a person as owner of a pageAnonymous
1359Buggiving read access to a discussion doesn't give any accesskclair
1366BugWhen creating a page, error when adding additional access to committeeselijah
1382Bugcached fragments cache languageskclair
1394BugNotification email duplicates sent.azul
1401BugLast visit wrong date on membership list on a grouppeterpunk
1405Bugemail blasts don't allow paragraph breakscalhoun
1413BugSearch not working from /person/search/"username"mcnairz. Backlog C
1414BugWiki cancel button missing and save not workingkrisgesling
1411BugPage History - No Undelete Tracking & Other Actionsjeffreyz. Backlog C
1415Bug"See All" button on pop-up menu of groups goes to "my groups" not "see all"calhoun
1418BugOld Committee URL on Group Homefhar
1422BugLogging in through gives a hack attempt errorAnonymous
1423BugWiki images issuesAnonymous
1425BugShould site home return also pages marked as publicAnonymous
1426BugCorrect "join chat" link from all members page of a groupAnonymous
1431Bugbackgroundrb tries to run in development environmentazul
1430Bugcache key for private profile is too long.azul
1433Bug[Wysiwyg] Tables at the end of the document don't allow add more contentalvaroz. Backlog B
1435Bug[Wysiwyg] Allow tag elements inside headersalvaroz. Backlog B
1503Bugerror when clicking wiki edit link on groupsrcy
1451BugURLs in user profile do not support https or other protocol handlersalster
1452BugNew Account by Registrationcrockford
1583BugError when creating a task azul
1585BugDeleting user's profile pic does not work. The picture remains.calhoun
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