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1300Bugheadtrauma on group main page wikiWhilelM
1305BugOnce survey is saved once the "create" tab should say "edit"mcnairz. Backlog C
1306BugWhen clicking next or previous in the list of response you get an error.mcnair
1308BugClicking tags on this page doesnt work
1311BugEmails should be encrypted to users who have their public keys setmicah
1312BugModeration interface, page moderationficho
1327Buggroup can be deleted with remaining committeesniklas
1348BugJ8 - - moderation pages - listing unite4climate activitiesjgonzalez
1356BugHow to select a person as owner of a pageficho
1359Buggiving read access to a discussion doesn't give any accesskclair
1366BugWhen creating a page, error when adding additional access to committeeselijah
1382Bugcached fragments cache languageskclair
1394BugNotification email duplicates sent.azul
1401BugLast visit wrong date on membership list on a grouppeterpunk
1405Bugemail blasts don't allow paragraph breakscalhoun
1411BugPage History - No Undelete Tracking & Other Actionsjeffreyz. Backlog C
1413BugSearch not working from /person/search/"username"mcnairz. Backlog C
1414BugWiki cancel button missing and save not workingkrisgesling
1415Bug"See All" button on pop-up menu of groups goes to "my groups" not "see all"calhoun
1418BugOld Committee URL on Group Homefhar
1422BugLogging in through gives a hack attempt errorficho
1423BugWiki images issuesficho
1425BugShould site home return also pages marked as publicficho
1426BugCorrect "join chat" link from all members page of a groupficho
1430Bugcache key for private profile is too long.azul

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