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3234Bug500 Internal Server Error jsalatas
6750BugA new user doesnt show up on autocomplete when i try to share a pagemcnairazul0.09.0
679BugAccess when no longer logged injessibz. Backlog C
368Bugaccount creation errorewheelerz. Backlog C
1741Bugadd css class to handle time filters for links in site home recent pages, most viewed, most active and most starsalvaroz. Backlog B
3644BugAdd image to wiki bugcalhoun
4363Bugadd language dropdown selector to Backlog A
437BugAdding an image to a gallery is brokenmicahz. Backlog C
954BugAdditional Access interface on "create new" page needs urgent workcalhoun
1701Bugadmin + superadmin: nav links additionpveriepez. Backlog B
2696BugAdmin group not created on site creationmquintus
1635BugAdmin Links On Site Homejeffreyz. Backlog B
1636BugAdmin Tab - Availability To Site Adminsjeffreyz. Backlog B
1663Bugadmin/custom_appearances/2/edit formatting offmcnairz. Backlog B
2475BugAdministration link incorrectly showing up in some menukclair
799BugAdministration Panel: Navigation Misleading / Inefficientcalhoun
3525BugAfter changing owner of asset page I am removed from share wiki box.calhoun
2889BugAfter deleting a page, I am brought back to the "me" "my work" tab.calhoun
2700BugAll logos are transformed to jpgmquintus
1612BugAll Pages: User Adjusts View Value = Ignoredjeffreyz. Backlog B
2169Bugalt text for group icons/ member icons, etc.pveriepez. Backlog B
1196BugArabic Layout: Right-To-Left Languagemerrick
3809Bugasset page details box runs off screencalhounjjosef
3924BugAsset page details ownership drop down needs alphabetizingcalhounjjosef
194BugAsset Page preview doesn't always update with new versionabiez. Backlog C

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