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1451BugURLs in user profile do not support https or other protocol handlersalster
1452BugNew Account by Registrationcrockford
1503Bugerror when clicking wiki edit link on groupsrcy
1583BugError when creating a task azul
1585BugDeleting user's profile pic does not work. The picture remains.calhoun
1629BugTask Lists - Links To Selfjeffreyz. Backlog B
1648Bug"Contributor" in pages side bar is sometimes misnomoer. jeffreyz. Backlog B
1661BugLong group names break formatting in global nav drop downs.mcnairz. Backlog B
1668Bugmake me section icon and group icons in banner linked.mcnair
1693BugUpload Attachment = Late Warnings & Wiki Data Lossjeffreyz. Backlog B
1694BugLong group names breaks title banneralvaroz. Backlog B
1995BugCouncils are displaying on My Groups inventory.calhoun
2011Bugoptionality of geolocationmicah
2013Bugde-vendoring undress and uglifymicah
2015Bugpublic commentingmicah
2022Bugwiki locked and page trashed -> big messazul
2028Buggroup home avatar boxes don't show name on mouse overniklas
2040BugSearching as an anonymous user shows login dropdownajturner
2041BugCreating a Group/Committee incorrectly shows the creator to be a member of that groupajturner
2051Bugnotifying a committee doesn't workniklas
2078BugLarge avatars on group and profile landing page should have a border. mcnairz. Backlog B
2079BugAvatar pictures without a 1:1 ratio do not showsimonft
2091BugGroup Profile Summary "More" link not workingniklasz. Backlog B
2095Bugstrange behaviour in pagination-barsnufuz. Backlog C
2171Bugright sidebar attachmentspveriepepveriepez. Backlog B

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