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2776BugSECURITY ISSUE:You are able to add pages to other groups you have no access toshokoraazul
11103BugEmail notifications don't workH_punkt
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1309BugChat moderation - move to trashAnonymousz. Backlog B
2057BugLoops in group-structure make groups unusableniklasz. Backlog B
2324Bug"page name is owned by user x" is displaying in me feed.mcnair
2489Buginvestigate mysql joinskclair
3476BugMembers cannot be removed from a networkstrongwindsahead
3877BugNetwork Committees don't appear on frontpageIspilidna
3880BugNetwork Council is just another committeeIspilidna
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295BugNon-public groups still appear on the Network landing pageterrawz. Backlog C
337Bug2nd registration page - title changeterrawz. Backlog C
699BugHead trauma on friendly_dates - this seems to only occure for some users.terrawz. Backlog B
751BugNon-member to group sees the "send invites" "view requests" optionscalhounazulz. Backlog C
851BugSettings & Requests Controls Mistakenly VisibleAnonymous
852BugGroup wiki - Get rid of public homepage for nowAnonymous
857Bug‘down for maintenance’ pagemcnairz. Backlog B
1050BugGallery Image Display Bug?chrisc
1220BugMany Participants Degrades Page UtilityAnonymous
1256BugWall Links Vs. Private Messages = User Confusionterraw
1303BugBug #1268: StopX - Admin Panel - Edit Groups - Error message. Has not been resolvedjgonzalez
1314BugPage details modal gives an error for superadminAnonymous
1350BugVOY-Groups-cant create group from HomePagemacris
1358BugError on deleting a tasklistAnonymous
1360BugSelecting Access levels not working when you create a pagemcnairz. Backlog C
1432BugCannot add feature page starting with Arabic lettersgharbeia
1438Bug[Wysiwyg] Switching editor with a complex table inside the documentalvaro
1441BugStopX-Send Notification - Iddlejgonzalez
1601Bugme pages routes layout is inconsistentazulz. Backlog B
2031BugNew Network not displaying where it shouldcalhoun
2817BugLogin required when already loggedspleen
3878BugNetwork committees can't be destroyedIspilidna
3879Bugediting members of network committee impossibleIspilidna
3910BugChange german translation for comma on page create wikiuzz
3923BugLeft nav does not work in IE8.0sunbird
4403BugNO RTL lang support!rayeshman
6958Bugtool to coordinate dates/meetings ("doodle")maquis
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153Bugcompleting tasklist doesn't update last userWhilelMz. Backlog C
194BugAsset Page preview doesn't always update with new versionabiez. Backlog C
311BugGallery of Images: CroppedAnonymousz. Backlog C
314Bugrecent activity feed - name of groupsAnonymousz. Backlog C
328BugProfile picture uploading process issuesAnonymousz. Backlog C
334BugFeatured content images displayAnonymousz. Backlog C
348BugInternationalization: Portugueseterraw
351BugLanguage Head Trauma / Loss of User Language PreferenceAnonymousz. Backlog C
356Bugerror while trying to delete a galleryAnonymousz. Backlog C
358BugClicking on a person in the people tab sometimes returns an error.Anonymousz. Backlog C
361Buglive user 500 errorewheelerz. Backlog C
368Bugaccount creation errorewheelerz. Backlog C
369Bugfeatured content errorewheelerz. Backlog C
376BugTranslation and naming issuesPending tasksAnonymous
380BugUnable to delege/edit a photo once it has been added to a Galleryjgonzalezz. Backlog C
382BugPicture gallery - EditingAnonymousz. Backlog C
389Bugdocument uploading errorewheelerz. Backlog C
431BugCSS for a should have cursor: pointer dkgz. Backlog C
437BugAdding an image to a gallery is brokenmicahz. Backlog C
454BugPaging through a group search mistakenly gives you an rss feed.elijahz. Backlog C
460BugPage overflow in layoutmicahz. Backlog C
461Bugtask list displays wrong user after an updatebradleyz. Backlog C
462BugCan not feature an image in the sidebarbradleyz. Backlog C
463BugSome page titles create unclickable linkselijahz. Backlog C
464BugException triggered when I tried to leave coordinating councilmarkz. Backlog C
466Bugchat/channel pages should scroll to the bottom when they first loadmarkz. Backlog C
471BugClicking on an image in a gallery results in: NoMethodError in GalleryController#detail_view micahz. Backlog C
472BugDeleting a post should also delete any related TwinkledActivityelijahz. Backlog C
480Bugcrabgrass bug joining committee (possible mid-air collision?)dkgz. Backlog C
484Bugtasks: list of user's for assigning tasks differs for new and for existing taskslarsz. Backlog C
486BugSevere head trauma on a ranked vote pagemicahz. Backlog C
495BugGallery: can not click through posted images. sometimes works most times doesnt.mcnairz. Backlog C
503BugRecent Activity Feed in Explorer 7 running on XP is too big verticly. It appear half again as tall as in firefoxmcnairz. Backlog C
514BugSome committee pages do not appear on committee's home pagesunbirdz. Backlog C
619BugProfile page not displayingmbergz. Backlog C
656BugPage Name Uniqueness Enforcement = Buggyazul
679BugAccess when no longer logged injessibz. Backlog C
684Bugthe star page link show even when i dont have permission to star someones pagemcnairz. Backlog C
697BugUnderline not working for header formating.mcnairz. Backlog C
719BugAvatar of a Destroyed Committee still appears--even though it links to a "page does not exist" noticecalhounz. Backlog C
745BugGroup Wiki - Bold capital characters displayAnonymousz. Backlog C
759BugSuperadmins should not see the leave group link (updated title)micahz. Backlog C
761Bugcustom_appearance_id UI should not allow for conflicting numbersmcnairz. Backlog C
770BugLong tags break the layout of the pagejgonzalezz. Backlog B
780BugDeleted pages still show up in searchazulz. Backlog C
784Bugfix share issue when deleting user and that user is also part of a group that has access to the pagemcnairz. Backlog B
828Bugsome peoples avatars are not displayed at all on cc.netazulz. Backlog C
830Bugneed greencloth way to link to tagstaggartz. Backlog C
832Bugsignup page issues password warning too earlymedwardsz. Backlog C
839Bugwhen you search you should see the most recent results first, currently its the oldest ones that display on top.mcnairz. Backlog B
840BugPublic Profile Remnants / PrivacyAnonymous
849BugPrivate Groups Appear On SitehomeAnonymous
856Bugpublic encryption keys reports incorrect fingerprintburntout
858BugAsset Page Ui is broken, the info shows up on the bottom instead of along the side.mcnairz. Backlog B
868BugPublic Profile - Inconsistant Exposurejeffreyz. Backlog C
925BugWording change: Safety Tipsterraw
928BugWording change: Terms of Useterraw
936BugGallery Feed: Shortcode in gallery posts should link to filegreggo
938BugImages in Article feeds lack meta datagreggo
954BugAdditional Access interface on "create new" page needs urgent workcalhoun
961Bugsearch failure - unitedforclimate Anonymous
974BugGallery image no longer display in Featured area - Shareterraw
998Bugcan't upload photos to certain groups on share.unicefinnovation.orgmerrick
1013Bugattempting to send out emails with no recipient addressesmicah
1026BugBad Link: Administrator Navigationterraw
1029BugMost Active Members - list does not work - all communitiesjgonzalez
1056BugTrouble With Thumbnails and Other Formats (Document Conversion)Rachel
1058BugGallery editing bug when there are more than 1 page of photosterrawz. Backlog C
1095BugPublicizing a gallery did not publicize the gallery's imagesWhilelM
1155BugPublic Feeds Not Working as Advertisedgreggo
1156BugDetails Modal Too Talljrwz. Backlog C
1169BugMessages send you a double notification. redundant. mcnairz. Backlog B
1170BugViewer does not have access to a page. mcnairz. Backlog B
1182BugUnable To Feature Page using IE6terrawz. Backlog B
1189BugRequest to join councils errormcnairz. Backlog C
1191BugCrabgrass Error: Missing Templatejeffrey
1195BugFlagging / Moderation (Tracking Bug)jeffreyz. Backlog C
1196BugArabic Layout: Right-To-Left Languagemerrick
1200BugSuper Admin: Group Destroyed But IncompletelyAnonymousz. Backlog B
1205BugGallery (Tracking Bug)jeffreyz. Backlog C
1207BugGroup Not Found Message When User Not Logged Incalhoun
1224BugCommittees Displayed Instead Of Networks (on Navbar)WhilelM
1225BugCreating New Page = Headtraumajeffrey
1229BugPrivate Networks Visible = Headtrumacalhoun
1230Bugmessages count on dashboard is not updatedjuice
1232BugUpload Warning Message Misleadingkclair
1233BugUser Has Nil Networks = Head Traumajeffrey
1242BugUnable to destroy group in Unite for Climate site from superadminterrawz. Backlog B
1245BugData Bug: Duplicate User Participationjeffrey
1246BugDeleting / Undeleting Documents From Shared Trash = Failhektisch
1260BugDestroyed networks continue to appear on groupspetercollopy
1262BugMy Tasks = HeadtraumaWhilelM
1269BugPage Listed As Featured Has Bad Permissionsqueerfirebird
1271BugTranslation regressionWhilelM
1277BugDetails Modal: Participation Tab Incorrectly Indicates 'Unread' Anonymous
1280BugRSS (Tracking Bug)jeffrey
1283BugDetails Modal: Page view count is offmcnairz. Backlog B
1284BugSending Membership Invitations: Semi-colon NOT Separating Entriescalhounz. Backlog C
1286BugUnable to search in a group if you are not logged in.elijah
1287Bugchat archive does not workqueerfirebird
1295BugDetails Modal (Tracking Bug)jeffreyz. Backlog C
1296BugSending Membership Invitations: Spamming / Consistencyjeffreyz. Backlog C
1298Buggroup councils displaying on network pop-up listcalhoun
1300Bugheadtrauma on group main page wikiWhilelM
1305BugOnce survey is saved once the "create" tab should say "edit"mcnairz. Backlog C
1306BugWhen clicking next or previous in the list of response you get an error.mcnair
1308BugClicking tags on this page doesnt work
1311BugEmails should be encrypted to users who have their public keys setmicah
1312BugModeration interface, page moderationAnonymous
1319BugFeuture page images doesnt display if page is owned by the site.mcnairz. Backlog C
1320BugDropdown Menu Missing 'ME'jeffreyz. Backlog B
1322BugGreencloth Style Name Renderingjeffreyz. Backlog C
1324BugPage Too Widejeffreyz. Backlog B
1327Buggroup can be deleted with remaining committeesniklas
1332Bugmoderation rework for chatkclair
1335BugClicking outside of "Send Notification" pop-up box causes pop-up box to vanish with all data.calhounz. Backlog C
1337Bugcorrupt avatar imagesazulz. Backlog C
1348BugJ8 - - moderation pages - listing unite4climate activitiesjgonzalez
1349BugOld Committee URL on Network Home jeffrey
1356BugHow to select a person as owner of a pageAnonymous
1359Buggiving read access to a discussion doesn't give any accesskclair
1361BugMy World Sidebar <> My Directoriesjeffreyz. Backlog C
1366BugWhen creating a page, error when adding additional access to committeeselijah
1369Bugchat backlog emptymicah
1372BugFeaturing Photos, Missing Coverjeffreyz. Backlog C
1382Bugcached fragments cache languageskclair
1394BugNotification email duplicates sent.azul
1401BugLast visit wrong date on membership list on a grouppeterpunk
1402BugChat Freezing IssuesAnonymousz. Backlog B
1405Bugemail blasts don't allow paragraph breakscalhoun
1406BugTag Link(s) Busted When Page Owned By Userazulz. Backlog B
1407Bugtags with spaces don't work on me/searchazulz. Backlog C
1411BugPage History - No Undelete Tracking & Other Actionsjeffreyz. Backlog C
1412BugDelete User = Delete Some User Contentjeffrey
1413BugSearch not working from /person/search/"username"mcnairz. Backlog C
1414BugWiki cancel button missing and save not workingkrisgesling
1415Bug"See All" button on pop-up menu of groups goes to "my groups" not "see all"calhoun
1418BugOld Committee URL on Group Homefhar
1422BugLogging in through gives a hack attempt errorAnonymous
1423BugWiki images issuesAnonymous
1425BugShould site home return also pages marked as publicAnonymous
1426BugCorrect "join chat" link from all members page of a groupAnonymous
1429BugTracking Bug: IE6 issuesAnonymousz. Backlog B
1430Bugcache key for private profile is too long.azul
1431Bugbackgroundrb tries to run in development environmentazul
1433Bug[Wysiwyg] Tables at the end of the document don't allow add more contentalvaroz. Backlog B
1435Bug[Wysiwyg] Allow tag elements inside headersalvaroz. Backlog B
1444BugIE: Problem using toolbar to add an image in ie6 (7?)mcnairz. Backlog B
1450BugIE: Uploading images to gallery in ie6 problematicmcnairz. Backlog B
1451BugURLs in user profile do not support https or other protocol handlersalster
1452BugNew Account by Registrationcrockford
1503Bugerror when clicking wiki edit link on groupsrcy
1567Bug/pages head trauma in new_css branchkclair
1583BugError when creating a task azul
1585BugDeleting user's profile pic does not work. The picture remains.calhoun
1588Bugunsaved link = incorrect linksjeffreyz. Backlog B
1591BugChanging name and root for committeeantistrataz. Backlog B
1612BugAll Pages: User Adjusts View Value = Ignoredjeffreyz. Backlog B
1614BugRequests: Apply Action = View Conflictjeffreyz. Backlog B
1629BugTask Lists - Links To Selfjeffreyz. Backlog B
1635BugAdmin Links On Site Homejeffreyz. Backlog B
1636BugAdmin Tab - Availability To Site Adminsjeffreyz. Backlog B
1639BugUnread Pages Need Boldingjeffreyz. Backlog B
1647BugUpload Attachment = No Second Chancesjeffreyz. Backlog B
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