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11103BugEmail notifications don't workH_punkt
2776BugSECURITY ISSUE:You are able to add pages to other groups you have no access toshokoraazul
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2324Bug"page name is owned by user x" is displaying in me feed.mcnair
1309BugChat moderation - move to trashAnonymousz. Backlog B
2489Buginvestigate mysql joinskclair
2057BugLoops in group-structure make groups unusableniklasz. Backlog B
3476BugMembers cannot be removed from a networkstrongwindsahead
3877BugNetwork Committees don't appear on frontpageIspilidna
3880BugNetwork Council is just another committeeIspilidna
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337Bug2nd registration page - title changeterrawz. Backlog C
1303BugBug #1268: StopX - Admin Panel - Edit Groups - Error message. Has not been resolvedjgonzalez
1432BugCannot add feature page starting with Arabic lettersgharbeia
3910BugChange german translation for comma on page create wikiuzz
3879Bugediting members of network committee impossibleIspilidna
1358BugError on deleting a tasklistAnonymous
1050BugGallery Image Display Bug?chrisc
852BugGroup wiki - Get rid of public homepage for nowAnonymous
699BugHead trauma on friendly_dates - this seems to only occure for some users.terrawz. Backlog B
3923BugLeft nav does not work in IE8.0sunbird
2817BugLogin required when already loggedspleen
1220BugMany Participants Degrades Page UtilityAnonymous
1601Bugme pages routes layout is inconsistentazulz. Backlog B
3878BugNetwork committees can't be destroyedIspilidna
2031BugNew Network not displaying where it shouldcalhoun
4403BugNO RTL lang support!rayeshman
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