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  app fe38eabf over 6 years k clair Replace '<' and '>' so people don't think there...
  config bcdaa14b over 6 years k clair change wording for expanded group wikis option....
  db da40a418 over 6 years k clair move db migrate task up in the world
  doc 2f12872a over 6 years k clair add documentation of dependencies for running t...
  features bfc5b5ef about 7 years kclair fixes #2485 - Clicking close on the sitehome wi...
  lib 60241238 over 6 years k clair add population to geo data
  log 04d36bcd over 9 years elijah added .gitignore files
  mods 21fd73d6 over 6 years k clair hopefully this fixes #2785 once and for all
  public c16c61d1 over 6 years k clair upgrade jwplayer to version 5. modify height o...
  script 087e8a7f about 8 years juice ran script/generate cucumber to update everythi...
  test c3f78d67 over 6 years k clair fix some integration tests to use translated st...
  tmp 04d36bcd over 9 years elijah added .gitignore files
  tools 9b45278b about 7 years azul adding more buttons to the wiki editor
  vendor 331c8684 about 7 years azul oh my... how did that sneak in? it's attributes...
.gitignore 536 Bytes a5c6dd03 over 6 years pveriepe add compass.rb to .gitignore
.gitmodules 0 Bytes 2c5cc76a over 8 years alvaro freeze undress and uglify in vendor/gems, disab...
Capfile 151 Bytes 10b66762 about 10 years elijah added Capfile
LICENSE 35.3 KB 25d86679 over 8 years elijah added 'Ajax Autocomplete for Prototype' version...
README 1.81 KB 21cd6e1e about 8 years micah update README to reference INSTALL document, mo...
Rakefile 308 Bytes b1fa77ff over 9 years elijah MAJOR: converted all tools to be engines based ...

Latest revisions

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2f12872a 03/28/2011 10:31 AM k clair

add documentation of dependencies for running tests

7c632306 03/25/2011 06:55 AM k clair

Merge commit ''

ccf17e5f 03/23/2011 08:47 AM micah

add information about all_profiles_visible to UPGRADE and doc/CONFIGURATION

e1b6e3a0 03/23/2011 08:40 AM micah

update CHANGELOG to include #2773

fe38eabf 03/23/2011 07:20 AM k clair

Replace '<' and '>' so people don't think there's a XSS bug on chat.
The javascript is only used to display the message to the sender without having to wait for the server reply.
The real XSS bug was fixed on that last commit.


6f33d475 03/23/2011 07:18 AM pietro

Use Greencloth lite_mode to parse chat messages. Hopefully this will fix XSS issues.

17383adc 03/21/2011 05:57 PM k clair

this method of determining the directory tabs makes tests a lot happier

39fb226e 03/21/2011 05:42 PM k clair

adding release documentation

c3f78d67 03/21/2011 10:26 AM k clair

fix some integration tests to use translated strings so they don't break when we change the translated strings

98e5ccb2 03/21/2011 10:25 AM k clair

method of determining if 'my groups' tab should be shown that doesn't break tests

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= Crabgrass Crabgrass is a software libre web application designed for group and network organizing, and tailored to the needs of the global justice movement. The long term goal is to provide the technical tools to facilitate active, confederal, and directly democratic social change networks. = License Crabgrass is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Crabgrass is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the {GNU Affero General Public License}[] for more details. Crabgrass includes and depends upon many third party libraries that are not licensed AGPL. These are, however, all in the public domain or compatible with a free software license. = Installation For details on how to install crabgrass, and its required dependencies, please see doc/INSTALL = Support * {Crabgrass project page}[] * {Crabgrass code documentation}[] * {Code repository browser}[] * {Crabgrass bug tracker}[] * {Feature requests}[] * {More information on Crabgrass}[] = Development * {Development overview}[link:files/doc/DEVELOPMENT] * {Running and writing Crabgrass tests}[link:files/doc/TESTING] * {Code changes}[link:files/CHANGES] * {Running Crabgrass in production mode}[link:files/doc/PRODUCTION]

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