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Guidelines on module development

02/28/2010 06:15 AM

Information and guidelines for developpers involved in collaborative Puppet module development.

Creating a subproject

  1. Visit
  2. Name : enter the name of the module (ie. Nagios, Apache, etc.)

Git tips

05/13/2010 08:23 AM

Somes tips and tricks for managing Puppet and Puppet modules with Git.


You can catch syntax errors by using commit or update hooks. Use a commit hook to catch errors when comitting to your local workspace. An update hook can be placed on a central repository and will catch errors when pushing to that repository (useful when there are multiple contributors).

Vim and puppet

03/13/2013 10:55 PM

Using vim and Debian to do puppet development

Some things are packaged in Debian, but a lot isn't ( #701509 ). Try to get things from Debian if they exist, but if not we can use pathogen to get the rest.