From 11/12/2008 to 12/11/2008


01:14 PM Feature #413 (Resolved): confusing admin templates
its not possible to set anything, and is just confusing in the list definition to have these: external data source op... micah
01:13 PM Feature #59 (New): disable list owners holding subscribers hostage
01:12 PM Bug #412 (Rejected): blacklist log noise
we get this log message:
@@ List::verify() unable to create list object "blacklist"
even for lists that have a ...
01:11 PM Bug #411 (Rejected): member posting without moderation does not work
posts by members still sent to moderation, even when list is set to permit members to post without moderation. see th... micah
01:09 PM Bug #410 (Rejected): change email address function does not work properly
brings up a bunch of error messages instead. see "this ticket": and "this one to... micah
01:07 PM Bug #64: Can subscribers be added to a list before it has been approved?
jessib wrote:
> According to this ticket,, this feature is working right. Oh, ...
01:04 PM Bug #409 (Rejected): funky line breaks when posting via the web form
many tickets such as "this one"-> have identified this problem micah
01:03 PM Bug #408 (Resolved): Privileged owners can't customize lists!
as described "here": a privileged owner is unable to modify numerous customizabl... micah
01:02 PM Bug #407 (Rejected): Problem deleting messages from archives
I tried to delete "Foo": "this message": a l... micah
12:48 PM Feature #406 (Rejected): change the web-based subscribe behavior to be like the email-based subsc...
When you try to subscribe via the web, it sends you an email with your password in it (bad!) and then forces you to e... micah
12:47 PM Bug #405 (Resolved): bounce messages when they are over-sized
presently, oversized message is neither distributed nor bounced.... they just get moved to 'bad' and then go away. micah
12:46 PM Feature #404 (New): Limit number of subscribers unless approved
We've decided that we hate it when someone gets a list and then subscribes 10,000 people. We would like to be able to... micah
12:45 PM Feature #403 (Resolved): Double opt-in
Get setup so we can do double opt-in, so people can't subscribe 40,000 people without their consent. It would be good... micah
12:44 PM Bug #402 (Resolved): sympa spool is processed alphabetically
the way sympa processes the spool/msg directory is alphabetically, which is really annoying because it will work up t... micah
12:43 PM Bug #401 (Resolved): when creating a new account, the password field is not limited like it shoul...
you can put in a password of 15 characters, but sympa chops off anything more than 8 but doesn't tell you! So when yo... micah
12:42 PM Bug #400 (Resolved): --sync_db_list should clear out the db cache of configs before rebu...
Yeah micah
12:37 PM Bug #399 (Resolved): list config database cache creates duplicate entries when a list is renamed
It should probably re-use or clean? micah

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