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Toggle check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Updated QA Check
10672FeatureNewNormalConsider turning our Flattr account into a charity oneusajolida11/26/2015 03:40 AM
10666FeatureConfirmedNormalSort out packaging Git repo for Tails Installer in Debian/Ubuntuintrigeriu11/26/2015 03:41 AM
10665FeatureConfirmedNormalHave Tails Installer in a Ubuntu PPA managed collectivelyintrigeriu11/25/2015 08:52 AM
10664FeatureConfirmedNormalPolish Tails Installer in Ubuntu PPAintrigeriu11/25/2015 08:51 AM
10660BugConfirmedHighTails Installer 4.x crashes when a pristine USB drive is pluggedintrigeriintrigeri11/25/2015 08:55 AM
10659BugConfirmedNormalWrap executables in a cleaner, safer and more consistent manneranonymanonym11/24/2015 06:06 AMDev Needed
10658BugConfirmedLowOnly ship in $PATH custom scripts that we intend users to runintrigeriintrigeri11/24/2015 04:24 AM
10657FeatureConfirmedLowFactorize waiting for notificationsintrigerianonym11/24/2015 03:50 AM
10656BugConfirmedNormalDocument the use of recordmydesktop for UX testing sessionssajolidasajolida11/24/2015 03:27 AM
10655BugConfirmedNormalWrite down test cases for DAVEsajolidasajolida11/24/2015 03:22 AM
10654BugNewNormalRemove "VPN Connections" from NetworkManagersajolidasajolida11/24/2015 03:11 AM
10653FeatureNewNormalAsk for root password at the beginning in Tails Installertchouu11/26/2015 03:39 AMInfo Needed
10652BugNewNormalPublish our installation documentation somewhere elsesajolidatchou11/26/2015 04:02 AM
10651BugConfirmedNormalInvestigate if we could have our signing key certified by other well-known role keyssajolidasajolida11/24/2015 03:03 AM
10649BugConfirmedNormalHave a screencast to explain how to use the boot menu keysajolidatchou11/24/2015 02:54 AM
10647FeatureConfirmedNormalIntegrate onboarding directly in persistence assistanttchou11/24/2015 02:55 AM
10646BugConfirmedNormalTails Installer fails on Ubuntusajolidasajolida11/24/2015 06:15 AM
10645FeatureConfirmedNormalRephrase shutdown messagesajolidasajolida11/24/2015 02:35 AM
10644FeatureConfirmedNormalHave CSS for printingtchoutchou11/24/2015 02:42 AM
10643FeatureConfirmedNormalHave a responsive CSS in Tails Installation Assistanttchoutchou11/24/2015 02:43 AM
10642BugConfirmedNormalAdd fallback and shortcut to good-old dd instructionssajolidasajolida11/24/2015 02:50 AM
10641FeatureConfirmedNormalHave mechanism for troubleshooting (big and small) and improve affordancetchoutchou11/24/2015 02:43 AM
10640BugConfirmedNormalMove relevant part of the assistant blueprints to the design documentationsajolidasajolida11/24/2015 02:24 AM
10639FeatureConfirmedNormalTest how the ISO image is displayed in Mac Disk Utilitytchoutchou11/24/2015 02:43 AM
10638BugConfirmedNormalCommunicate with translators about the assistantsajolidasajolida11/24/2015 03:29 AM

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