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9660BugConfirmedElevatedJenkins sometimes does not notify on build failureintrigeribertagaz06/30/2015 11:07 AM
9659FeatureNewNormalSupport for exFATHoopyHoopy06/30/2015 10:00 AM
9654BugNewNormal"IPv4 TCP non-Tor Internet hosts were contacted" during the test suitekytv06/30/2015 10:00 AM
9653FeatureIn ProgressNormalOptimize retrying to connect to OFTC in testsuite using waitAnykytvkytv06/29/2015 02:14 AM
9652BugNewNormalFAQ: Unrar doesn't work -> unarBitingBird06/29/2015 01:42 AM
9651BugConfirmedNormalAllow running the test suite without ntp installedintrigerianonym06/28/2015 03:55 AMInfo Needed
9649BugFix committedHighUpgrade Tor Browser to 4.5.3intrigeri06/28/2015 11:37 PMReady for QA
9646FeatureConfirmedNormalSwitch to jenkins-job-builder 1.2.0bertagazbertagaz06/28/2015 08:06 AM
9645BugConfirmedNormalCreate at least a second VM for testing ISO imagesbertagazbertagaz06/28/2015 09:06 AM
9643BugConfirmedNormalFAQ: Tails for mobileBitingBird06/25/2015 03:16 AM
9638FeatureConfirmedNormalUse the new lizard storagebertagazbertagaz06/28/2015 09:08 AM
9635FeatureIn ProgressNormalTry building a Python/GI executable on windowsalantalant06/28/2015 04:00 AMInfo Needed
9633BugConfirmedNormalwaitAny is failing to find images that are on the screenkytvanonym06/29/2015 02:12 AM
9632BugConfirmedNormalVidalia not running after restart-vidalia was runkytvkytv06/20/2015 09:16 AM
9631BugNewNormalTicket creation without parent take 2bertagazbertagaz06/20/2015 01:33 AM
9629BugNewNormalticket creation without parentbertagazbertagaz06/20/2015 01:24 AM
9627BugNewNormaltest ticket creation againbertagazbertagaz06/20/2015 01:21 AM
9619FeatureIn ProgressNormalUpstream our changes to the puppet-archive module.bertagazbertagaz06/29/2015 12:15 AM
9618FeatureIn ProgressNormalCheck if we still need to patch the Jenkins puppet service definitionbertagazintrigeri06/29/2015 12:28 AMInfo Needed
9616FeatureConfirmedNormalRefactor Puppet bits for the nightly builds NFSbertagazbertagaz06/19/2015 01:43 AM
9615FeatureConfirmedNormalConsider notifying both commiter and author for development branchesbertagaz06/19/2015 01:44 AM
9614FeatureConfirmedNormalAutomated builds: complete phase twobertagaz06/19/2015 01:45 AM
9612BugConfirmedHighRace condition after creating partition in Tails Installer on Jessieintrigerialant06/18/2015 09:50 AM
9610BugFix committedNormalUpdate doc to untruncated notificationssajolida06/28/2015 03:46 AMPass
9609FeatureIn ProgressNormalHave Tails Installer use syslinux-amd64 on amd64 platformsuintrigeri06/30/2015 02:50 AMReady for QA

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