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10112BugFix committedHighUpgrade Tor Browser to 5.0.2anonymanonym08/27/2015 05:56 PM
10108BugConfirmedNormalAssistant: Add popover on DVD and VMsajolidasajolida08/27/2015 07:32 AM
10107BugConfirmedNormalAssistant: Put DVD and VM with a darker colorsajolidatchou08/27/2015 07:34 AM
10106FeatureConfirmedNormalAssistant: Add something about data loss in overviewsajolidatchou08/27/2015 07:27 AM
10105FeatureNewNormalAssistant: Mention "smartphone" in "another screen"sajolidatchou08/27/2015 07:18 AM
10104FeatureConfirmedNormalAssistant: Refine Windows scenario (tchou's plate)sajolidatchou08/27/2015 07:16 AM
10103FeatureConfirmedNormalAssistant: Refine Windows scenario (sajolida's plate)sajolidasajolida08/27/2015 07:14 AM
10102FeatureConfirmedNormalAssistant: Identify users for testing sessionssajolidatchou08/27/2015 06:59 AM
10101FeatureConfirmedNormalAssistant: Decide final dates for user testing sessionsajolidasajolida08/27/2015 06:57 AM
10100BugNewNormalEnable Unsafe browser + Clearnet user via Greeternerouwosid08/26/2015 02:32 PM
10096BugConfirmedNormalFix newly identified issues to make our test suite more robust and fasterintrigerikytv08/26/2015 05:09 AM
10095BugConfirmedNormalPing past mirror operators to operate againsajolidasajolida08/26/2015 04:30 AM
10094FeatureConfirmedNormalStop saying that we are limited to 24 mirrorssajolidasajolida08/26/2015 04:28 AM
10093BugConfirmedElevatedUpgrade to Gitolite v3intrigeri08/25/2015 02:59 PM
10092BugConfirmedNormalUse di-netboot-assistant in a safer wayintrigeriintrigeri08/25/2015 01:44 AM
10088FeatureConfirmedNormalPort to Python 3alant08/26/2015 07:21 AM
10087BugConfirmedNormalpidgin crashes when orca is runninggoupillegoupille08/25/2015 11:08 AMInfo Needed
10086BugConfirmedNormal"Change the passphrase of the persistence volume" doc should mention the need to set an administration passwordgoupilleBitingBird08/25/2015 11:08 AM
10085FeatureConfirmedNormalPort Tails Installer to Python 3alant08/24/2015 11:51 PM
10083FeatureConfirmedNormalPort boot-profile to Python 3alant08/24/2015 11:53 PM
10082FeatureConfirmedNormalPort tails-about to Python 3alant08/26/2015 07:20 AM
10079BugConfirmedNormalConfigure that Flattr account so that the money lands in our bank account;uu08/25/2015 12:00 AM
10077BugNewNormalTails 1.5 has resolution 720x366 in VirtualBoxsoulplane11soulplane1108/26/2015 10:43 PMInfo Needed
10076BugIn ProgressNormalFix the documentation for translating with Gitelouannelouann08/27/2015 08:12 AMDev Needed
10072BugIn ProgressNormalValidate input of and delete-mirror.shsajolidasajolida08/25/2015 11:04 AMDev Needed

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