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12260BugConfirmedNormalHave KeePassX open ~/Persistent/keepassx.kbdx by defaultsajolida02/24/2017 03:00 PM
12259BugConfirmedNormalChutney sometimes fails to start on Jenkins anonym02/24/2017 02:24 PM
12258BugConfirmedElevatedJenkins is not creating jobs for new branchesanonymintrigeri02/23/2017 01:24 AM
12257FeatureConfirmedLowAdd a screenshot to our homepagesajolida02/22/2017 03:32 PM
12256BugConfirmedElevatedpuppet-nfs tries to start nfs-common.service which is masked on Stretchintrigeriintrigeri02/20/2017 10:04 AM
12255FeatureConfirmedNormalUse polkit with Tails Serversegfaultsegfault02/19/2017 05:53 PM
12254FeatureConfirmedNormalExclicit the need of .asc (instead of .pgp) key in WhisperBackabcfralant02/20/2017 08:30 PM
12253BugConfirmedNormalUse persistence.conf in Tails Serversegfaultsegfault02/18/2017 02:15 PM
12252BugConfirmedNormalEnigmail fails to decrypt email after long inactivityalant02/18/2017 11:53 AM
12251FeatureConfirmedNormalClarify error message when the Unsafe Browser was launch without network connectionxinanonym02/18/2017 02:33 PM
12250BugConfirmedNormalUnsafe Browser and Tor Browser have the same icon in windows listxinanonym02/17/2017 06:45 PM
12249BugConfirmedNormalGreeter's Formats popover may be cutalantintrigeri02/17/2017 06:38 PMReady for QA
12248BugConfirmedNormalDocument workaround to boot intermediary Tails on MBP9,2mercedes508intrigeri02/17/2017 04:44 PM
12247FeatureIn ProgressLowRemove lists of if clausesalantintrigeri02/18/2017 07:45 AMReady for QA
12246BugConfirmedNormalUntranslatable parts of documentation due to inline errorsxinsajolida02/17/2017 11:27 AM
12245BugNewNormalFonts are not displayed correctly on nvidia GTX 750TIgoupillegoupille02/17/2017 09:56 AMInfo Needed
12244BugConfirmedNormalBooting intermediary Tails on MBP9,2 might requires editing boot menu commanddlinemercedes508intrigeri02/17/2017 03:19 PM
12243BugConfirmedNormalicedove/gnupg trigger infinite loop related to apparmoralantalant02/16/2017 11:30 AMInfo Needed
12242FeatureConfirmedElevatedAdjust to Icedove → Thunderbirdintrigeri02/19/2017 09:07 AM
12241BugIn ProgressLowNew Greeter's additional options window sometimes opens in a weird placeintrigerialant02/17/2017 03:46 PM
12240FeatureConfirmedNormalUse Glade 3.20 HeaderBar and Popover supportalantalant02/15/2017 12:08 PM
12239BugConfirmedNormalSome users have no circuit view in Tor Browseranonymemmapeel02/19/2017 12:29 PMInfo Needed
12238FeatureConfirmedNormalShip full APT lists in the live file systemanonymanonym02/15/2017 07:56 PM
12237FeatureConfirmedNormalReduce apt update time during first start of Tails Serversegfault02/15/2017 10:08 PM
12236FeatureConfirmedNormalAdd more services to Tails Serversegfaultsegfault02/14/2017 11:39 PM

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