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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
15286In ProgressNormalTails_3.6Adapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
15285ConfirmedNormalTails_3.6Adapt incremental upgrade manual test for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeInstallationContributors documentationanonym
15284ConfirmedNormalTails_3.6Adapt release process for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeInstallationContributors documentationanonym
15283In ProgressNormalTails_3.6Implement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails UpgraderInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
15282In ProgressNormalTails_3.6Add a prompt right before applying an IUKInstallationCodesajolidaInfo Needed
15281In ProgressNormalTails_3.6Stack one single SquashFS diff when upgradingInstallationCodeanonym
15280ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Reorder persistence featuresPersistenceCodeintrigeri
15279ConfirmedNormalTails_3.6Refresh Tails signing key before each upgrade checkInstallationCodeanonym
15278ConfirmedNormalDAVE2 not functional in FF 45InstallationCodesajolida
15277ConfirmedNormal2019Update our survey of non-NIH system upgrade solutionsInstallationResearchintrigeri
15276In ProgressNormalInterview users in RussiaResearchsajolida
15275ConfirmedNormalTails_3.6Remove the GNOME Keyring persistent featurePersistenceCodeintrigeri
15274ConfirmedNormalUpdate weblate to the newest possible version in translate.lizardSysadmin
15270Fix committedHighTails_3.6devel branch FTBFS since torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9 entered sidCodePass
15269ConfirmedNormalInconsistent power off button in top-right corner across different hardwareHardware supportResearchsajolida
15268ConfirmedLowResearch explaining admin password in graphical polkit promptResearchalant
15267ConfirmedNormalInvestigate what happens on debconf critical questionsResearchalant
15264In ProgressNormalTails_3.6Sketch notifications when the persistent storage is locked or impossible to createUser interface designsajolidaDev Needed
15263ConfirmedNormalPersistence-setup: stop depending on synapticCodealant
15262ConfirmedNormalShip GNOME Packages (gnome-packagekit) instead of SynapticCodealant
15261ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7insufficient rights for weblate group on translateInfrastructureSysadmingroenteInfo Needed
15260ConfirmedNormalClarify what is Tails Greeter in the documentation of each additional settingEnd-user documentationemmapeelReady for QA
15259ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Add button in tails-persistence-setup to open the configuration interface of Additional SoftwarePersistenceCodeintrigeri
15258ConfirmedNormalThunderbird doesn't display the subject of emails sent by schleuder v3 listsResearchgoupilleInfo Needed
15257ConfirmedNormalBroken APT lines in translated pagesEnd-user documentationsajolida
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