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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
15401In ProgressNormalCreate hooks to be implemented on the Weblate instanceSysadminu
15399In ProgressElevatedTails_3.7Write supportEnd-user documentationsajolidaDev Needed
15398ConfirmedNormalDocument pdf-redact-toolsEnd-user documentationcbrownstein
15397ConfirmedNormalDocument meek bridgesTor configurationEnd-user documentationsajolida
15396ConfirmedNormalTails_3.8Core work Debian 2018Q2-2018Q3Debianu
15395In ProgressElevatedTails_3.7Enigmail & AppArmor: Cannot get key from keyserver after finding itWaitanonymReady for QA
15392ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Core work 2018Q2 → 2018Q3: User experienceUser interface designsajolida
15391In ProgressElevatedTails_3.7Stop shipping python-qt4 that is no longer requiredCodeanonymReady for QA
15390ConfirmedElevatedTails_3.7TREZOR hardware wallet support is gone since Electrum was updated to 3.xDebians7r
15388ConfirmedNormalNetwork Setting Wizard doesn't work in SwedishResearchanonym
15387In ProgressNormalThe Mozilla auto_config database requires an unusable CAPTCHA for Torified requestsCodeanonym
15384ConfirmedNormalAdding ASP fails when a package is installed from packagekitdResearchalant
15381ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Notification for adding 2+ newly installed packages to persistence is poorly phrasedPersistenceCodealant
15379In ProgressElevatedTails_3.7Adjust test suite to Python tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapperTest suiteCodeanonymReady for QA
15378ConfirmedNormalTails_3.10Re-enable USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO on Jenkins after Tails 3.9 is releasedContinuous IntegrationSysadminintrigeri
15373ConfirmedNormalTails_3.9Adjust our time synchronization mechanism to tor with fixed "A verified unverified-consensus should be renamed to cached-consensus"Time synchronizationResearchintrigeri
15365ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Check if voting mechanism in Weblate WRT validity of stringsTestemmapeel
15364ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Create .gitattributes with merge strategy for po filesCodehefee
15363ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Document the role of the Tails Verification maintenanceInstallationContributors documentationsajolida
15362ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Run check_po whenever we try to commit a po file in all Git repositoriesCodeu
15360ConfirmedNormalCheck for mechanisms that (safely) trigger staging builds accessible to all translatorsResearchu
15359ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7List parts of code/packets/configs to be puppetized for translation platform & its cloneResearchdrebs
15358ConfirmedNormalAdd "Translation Platform" as "Affected tool" to RedmineSysadminintrigeri
15357ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Clarify how the review process of Weblate influences git commitResearchu
15356ConfirmedNormalTails_3.7Automate adding new components to WeblateSysadminu
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