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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
5655ConfirmedNormalShare username and hostname amongst all anonymity distributionsCode
5635ConfirmedNormalTest suite: minor groups not set in remote shellTest suiteCode
5631ConfirmedNormalDisable PCMCIA when unused at bootCode
5630In ProgressHighTails_3.5Reproducible buildsBuild systemCodeanonym
5626ConfirmedLowInclude audio and video streaming softwareResearch
5613ConfirmedNormalDocument time sync failureTime synchronizationWait
5606ConfirmedLowAdd VirtualBox host softwareVirtualizationCodeDev Needed
5595ConfirmedNormalPersistence: hide aufs mounts in RO modePersistenceCode
5580ConfirmedNormalDocument protection against external bus memory forensicsEnd-user documentation
5570ConfirmedNormalImprove failsafe modeCode
5567ConfirmedLowAllow opting-out of additional software installation in the GreeterPersistenceCode
5555ConfirmedNormalTorbrowser patches vs. Unsafe browserResearch
5554ConfirmedLowTorchat in TailsCode
5547ConfirmedNormalDeactivate PCMCIA, ExpressCard and FireWire if unused after 5 minutesCode
5544In ProgressNormalPersistence preset: I2PPersistenceCodeDev Needed
5543ConfirmedLowNetworkManager: PSTN dial-upWait
5542ConfirmedNormalHelp MAT upstream to write documentation End-user documentation
5526ConfirmedNormalTest with (simulated) slow Internet connectionsTest suiteResearch
5521ConfirmedLowRemove system tools menu duplicatesCode
5502ConfirmedNormalNotify user if hardware requirements are not metHardware supportCode
5501ConfirmedNormalAllow remembering locale and accessibility options (language, keyboard, and formats) in GreeterPersistenceCode
5494ConfirmedLowAdd Flashproxy supportTor configurationCode
5475ConfirmedNormalDrop 486 kernelResearch
5464In ProgressElevatedRevamp Greeter interfaceCodealant
5463ConfirmedNormalDisable Thunderbolt?Code
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