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# Status Priority Target version Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
5418ConfirmedLowAllow Tails users to contribute bandwidth to the Tor networkTor configurationCode
5412ConfirmedNormalImprove fingerprint of the Unsafe BrowserResearch
5400ConfirmedNormalNoScript: hide blocked and unsupported elementsTest
5394In ProgressNormalFix time syncing in bridge modeTor configurationResearchanonymDev Needed
5391ConfirmedNormalList and test additional options for failsafe modeHardware supportResearch
5386ConfirmedElevatedPersistence: fix aufs related io errorPersistenceTest
5366ConfirmedNormalWhen htp fails the user should be promptedTime synchronizationCode
5363ConfirmedLowFlash supportTest
5362ConfirmedNormalEvaluate web fingerprintResearch
5356ConfirmedLowErase video memory on shutdownResearch
5340In ProgressHighHole in the RoofAnalyze Jake FOCI12 paperResearch
5336ConfirmedNormalTest protection against external bus memory forensicsTest
5335ConfirmedLowPersistence: categorized presetsPersistenceUser interface design
5323ConfirmedNormalDocument a GUI way to securely erase Flash mediaEnd-user documentationspriverInfo Needed
5320In ProgressNormalAutomatically check PO filesContinuous IntegrationCode
5317ConfirmedNormalDisable FireWire DMACode
5316ConfirmedNormalImprove OpenPGP documentationEnd-user documentation
5304ConfirmedNormalPropose mounting external disksResearch
5301ConfirmedNormal2019Clone or backup system for the persistent volumePersistenceCodesajolida
5297ConfirmedLowInclude download managerTest
5293ConfirmedElevatedBlock dangerous LAN trafficCode
5292ConfirmedNormalTails-greeter: expose live-persist failuresPersistenceCode
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