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11816ElevatedTest suite often freezes after clicking "Login" in the GreeterTest suiteResearchanonym
11856ElevatedUpdate design doc: NetworkManager 1.4+ randomizes the MAC address used for scanning for Wi-Fi networksSpoof MACContributors documentationintrigeri
11917ElevatedUpdate KeePassX documentationEnd-user documentationspriverReady for QA
11962ElevatedUpdate installation/upgrade process/tools/doc for amd64InstallationResearchintrigeriReady for QA
11997ElevatedWrite release notes for 3.0End-user documentationsajolida
12000ElevatedAdjust doc for Stretch: starting graphical applications as rootEnd-user documentationsajolida
12070ElevatedNew Greeter doc: call for translationCommunicatesajolida
12092ElevatedThe new Greeter keeps eating lots of memory after logging inHardware supportResearchalant
12309ElevatedRe-enable debian-security APT sources once they have packages for StretchBuild systemCodeintrigeri
12310ElevatedRe-enable torproject-obfs4proxy APT sources once they have packages newer than Stretch's onesBuild systemCodeintrigeri
12376ElevatedUpdate doc wrt. accessing FTP servers on the local networkEnd-user documentationsajolida
12378ElevatedUpdate doc wrt. Tails in GNOME Boxes in StretchEnd-user documentationsajolida
12400Elevatedtails-additional-software should run apt-get autocleanCodealant
10198NormalWait for the cucumber Suites featureTest suiteWaitanonym
10940NormalKeePassX misses charactersCodespriverInfo Needed
11106NormalWait for upstream Firefox fix for feedback when access to a local file is deniedWaitanonym
11181NormalBetter abstraction of ::local::nodeInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
11188NormalGNOME Shell sometimes crashes and restartsTestsajolida
11557NormalNightly ISO images are regularly unavailable for a couple minutesContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagaz
11562NormalMonitor servers from the htpdate poolsTime synchronizationSysadminbertagaz
11718NormalGNOME Shell reports invalid coordinates to dogtail in Tails/StretchTest suiteCodeanonym
11737NormalTopIcons plus sometimes does not do its jobResearch
11934NormalHave org.Tails.OpenPGPApplet send signals when the type of what's in the clipboard changesCodeintrigeri
12003NormalSet a warning message in RCs and alpha releases from Tails 3.0 onDiscusssajolida
12082NormalAnalyze the results of the donation campaignFundraisingResearchsajolida
12123NormalInvestigate if aa-status --json is useful for tor-controlport-filterResearchanonym
12144NormalMove Tor Browser's places.sqliteCodeanonym
12146NormalIntermediary Tails is not seen as a bootable device on MacBook ProHardware supportResearchintrigeri
12151NormalGet test suite Thunderbird to run and test our patchesCodeanonym
12152NormalUpdate tails-installer release processInstallationContributors documentationanonym
12284NormalDeal with January 2017 false positive scenariosContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
12285NormalDeal with March 2017 false positive scenariosContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
12286NormalDeal with February 2017 false positive scenariosContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
12288NormalDeal with May 2017 false positive scenariosContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
12314NormalExtra tweet about the removal of I2P in Tails 2.12Communicateanonym
12357NormalVirtualBox shared clipboard is broken on 3.0~beta1 and 3.0~beta2VirtualizationCodespriverInfo Needed
12360NormalFlorence indicator state can get out-of-sync with Florence statusResearch
12393NormalEmergency shutdown leaves the Desktop on for much longer in StretchHardware supportCodeintrigeriDev Needed
12431NormalUX core work 2017Q2User interface designsajolida
12432NormalTechnical writing core work 2017Q2End-user documentationsajolida
12462NormalAlt+F4 is closing the Greeter's windowCodealant
12481NormalSSH agent occasionally not workingResearchintrigeriInfo Needed
12484NormalUpdate documentation for LVM mount for StretchEnd-user documentationemmapeel
11840LowIncrease mmap randomization from 8 to 16 bitsCodeintrigeriDev Needed
12185LowGenerate Python 3 code for DogtailTest suiteCodeanonym
12228LowGreeter's headerbar is sometimes not themed rightCodealant
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8230HighGreeter revamp: Phase 1User interface designintrigeri
11110ElevatedDocument alternative Synaptic dialog with software-properties-gtkInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
11569ElevatedHave AppStream metadata for Tails InstallerInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
11573ElevatedUpdate po_translatable_pages for Tails 3.0WebsiteintrigeriReady for QA
11742ElevatedUpdate doc screenshots for 3.0End-user documentationspriverReady for QA
11753ElevatedPort complex shell scripts shipped in /usr/local to PythonCodeanonymReady for QA
11916ElevatedUpdate doc for 3.0End-user documentationsajolidaDev Needed
12189ElevatedXorg "segmentation fault" with switchable GPUEnd-user documentationemmapeelDev Needed
12219ElevatedRegressions on Stretch with modesetting driver for Intel graphicsHardware supportCodeintrigeri
12361ElevatedDocument the removal of read-only persistencePersistenceEnd-user documentationintrigeriInfo Needed
12363ElevatedNew Greeter's release documentation is incompleteContributors documentationalant
6972NormalCreate a "Sponsors" pageFundraisingWebsiteu
7496NormalMake it possible to verify the integrity of a device created by Tails InstallerCodeanonymReady for QA
8310NormalConvert OpenPGP Applet into a proper GNOME Shell extensionCodeintrigeri
8917NormalSpurious "permission denied" error when trying to upload files or to print to PDF from Tor BrowserTestanonym
10068NormalUpgrade to upstream packages for JenkinsContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagazDev Needed
10244NormalResearch and decide where to host the lizard failoverInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
10494NormalRetry htpdate when it failsTime synchronizationCodebertagazDev Needed
10859NormalRemove dependencies to from DAVEInstallationCodema1Dev Needed
11205NormalTry using KeePassX without system tray iconsTestsajolidaInfo Needed
11627NormalConsider updating the default system partition's sizeInstallationDiscusssajolida
11739NormalUpgrade our isotesters to StretchContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
11768NormalImprove our handling of new contractorsCommunicatesajolida
11935NormalOpenPGP applet GNOME Shell extension: allow encryption, decryption and signature verificationCodealantDev Needed
11936NormalOpenPGP applet GNOME Shell extension: dynamically update the icon & menu depending on the content of the clipboardCodealant
12019NormalTest Totem's "Add local video" actionTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
12142NormalThe nec-xhci virtual USB controller + tails-persistence-setup causes a VM freeze on Debian Sid hostsTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
12150NormalAsk for invoices for 2016Q4Accountingsajolida
12164NormalAdd a HACKING document for new code contributorsContributors documentationintrigeriReady for QA
12226NormalInitial review of Tails Server implementationCodeanonym
12241NormalNew Greeter's additional options window sometimes opens in a weird placeCodealant
12265NormalPublicly announce the removal of I2PCommunicateanonym
12268NormalMake it so most Bitcoin donations arrive directly on RiseupLabs' Coinbase accountFundraisingWebsitesajolidaInfo Needed
12299NormalMake up our mind wrt. what old ISO our test suite should use on JenkinsContinuous IntegrationDiscussanonym
12367NormalCreate a "Password Manager" field for "Affected tool"Sysadminsajolida
12371NormalCurrent method of obtaining the configured GnuPG keyserver is broken on StretchTest suiteCodePass
12372NormalGNOME Software won't start on Tails/StretchCodeanonym
12415NormalUpstream our window list theme changesCommunicatealant
7505LowVideo is broken with switchable graphicsHardware supportCodeintrigeri
11638LowTell 32-bit users why Tails cannot startHardware supportUser interface designsajolida
11755LowDogtail does not work for X applications running as non-amnesia usersTest suiteCodeanonym
12234LowTails/Stretch fails to start on some old libvirt VMsVirtualizationEnd-user documentationalantInfo Needed

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