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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15610 Confirmed AppArmor breaks importing public OpenPGP keys from email attachments Code intrigeri
15607 Confirmed Upgrade to Thunderbird 52.8.0 Code intrigeri
15601 Confirmed Write a changelog for Tails Verification Installation Contributors documentation sajolida
15600 Confirmed Use newer version of Torbirdy in Tails Code u Info Needed
15599 Confirmed Improve known issues about clock going backwards Time synchronization End-user documentation cbrownstein
15598 Confirmed Explain loss of persistence.conf in known issues Persistence End-user documentation cbrownstein
15596 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to Ubuntu PPA Debian u
15595 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to stretch-backports Debian u
15594 Confirmed Upload tails-installer 5.0.7 to Debian Debian u
15593 Confirmed Upload torbirdy 0.2.5 to stretch-backports Debian u
15589 Confirmed Process community feedback Communicate segfault
15568 Confirmed Script create staging wiki with suggestions Internationalization Code u
15564 In Progress Typo on Tails Installer Installation User interface design emmapeel Dev Needed
15562 In Progress Some typos in WhisperBack Code emmapeel Dev Needed
15557 Confirmed Document workaround for partially applied automatic upgrade End-user documentation cbrownstein
15548 Confirmed Tails can't establish a connection with obfs4 bridges and a hardware clock >> UTC Tor configuration Research goupille Info Needed
15543 Confirmed Give examples of nice software to install each time End-user documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
15531 Confirmed Update plans and timeline wrt. upgrading to Tor Browser based on Firefox 60ESR Discuss intrigeri
15530 Confirmed Start upgrading to Tor Browser based on Firefox ESR60 Communicate anonym
15524 Confirmed Iteration 1: Write release process documentation for custom packages Contributors documentation segfault
15523 In Progress Iteration 1: Create custom Debian package for Disks Code segfault Ready for QA
15522 In Progress Iteration 1: Create custom Debian package for udisks Code segfault Ready for QA
15521 In Progress Iteration 1: Create Debian packages to ship our VeraCrypt patches in Tails 3.x Code segfault
15518 Confirmed Upgrade tor to 0.3.3 Research intrigeri
15515 In Progress Iteration 1: Backport our VeraCrypt patches to Disks in Stretch Code segfault Ready for QA
15508 Confirmed Clean up tags in persistence-setup.git Infrastructure Code bertagaz
15494 Confirmed Call for invoices on core work 2018Q2 Accounting sajolida
15476 Confirmed news/report_2018_01 contains images hosted in github Sysadmin groente
15472 In Progress Rebase our Tor Browser AppArmor policy on top of torbrowser-launcher 0.2.9-2's Code anonym Ready for QA
15470 Confirmed Enigmail hides part of WhisperBack reports whose body includes an OpenPGP public key Communicate lamby
15468 Confirmed Make the WhisperBack reports more helpdesk-friendly Code CyrilBrulebois
15464 Confirmed Rename "Tor Browser" into "Tor Downloads" Code sajolida
15461 Confirmed The homepage of the Unsafe Browser cannot be translated Code
15460 In Progress Test suite broken with Java 9+ Test suite Debian intrigeri
15454 Confirmed Improve Add check for square bracket count Internationalization Code u
15452 Confirmed Check the status of Electrum qrcode support since we upgraded it to 3.x Research s7r Info Needed
15447 Confirmed Test & eventually document Autocrypt in Enigmail Test u
15446 In Progress Migrate the AppArmor usertags DB + script + configuration out of Alioth Sysadmin u
15442 Confirmed Revert documenting that Tails Verification doesn't work in Tails 3.6 and 3.6.1 Installation End-user documentation sajolida
15436 In Progress Consider upgrading Linux in Tails 3.8 Research intrigeri
15427 Confirmed Drop the exceptional manual upgrade steps from 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 and 3.5 End-user documentation sajolida
15424 In Progress Use fixed UID and GID for debian-tor Code segfault Info Needed
15419 Confirmed Detect earlier in the dev process if we're breaking automatic upgrades Build system Code intrigeri
15418 Confirmed Find out what's going on with Exim in our ISO build process Research bertagaz Info Needed
15408 In Progress Consider forcing wrapping of po files at 79 chars per line Code u
15407 Confirmed Prevent system user uid:s and gid:s from changing between releases Build system Code intrigeri
15406 Confirmed Backup Weblate configuration Sysadmin u
15403 In Progress Unify po headers Sysadmin hefee
15402 Confirmed Pre-receive hook for Main git when handling pushs from weblate Sysadmin u
15396 Confirmed Core work Debian 2018Q2-2018Q3 Debian u
15395 In Progress Enigmail & AppArmor: Cannot get key from keyserver after finding it Wait intrigeri Ready for QA
15390 Confirmed TREZOR hardware wallet support is gone since Electrum was updated to 3.x Debian s7r
15381 In Progress Notification for adding 2+ newly installed packages to persistence is poorly phrased Persistence Code alant
15379 In Progress Adjust test suite to Python tails-upgrade-frontend-wrapper Test suite Code anonym Ready for QA
15365 Confirmed Check if voting mechanism in Weblate WRT validity of strings Test emmapeel
15364 Confirmed Create .gitattributes with merge strategy for po files Code hefee
15363 Confirmed Document the role of the Tails Verification maintenance Installation Contributors documentation sajolida
15362 In Progress Run check_po whenever we try to commit a po file in all Git repositories Code u
15359 Confirmed List parts of code/packets/configs to be puppetized for translation platform & its clone Research drebs
15357 Confirmed Clarify how the review process of Weblate influences git commit Research u
15356 Confirmed Automate adding new components to Weblate Sysadmin u
15336 In Progress "The persistent Tor Browser directory is usable" test suite scenario is fragile Test suite Code anonym Ready for QA
15325 Confirmed Test if a DVD works on a Mac where a dd Tails is not recognized Test sajolida
15308 Confirmed Cannot update database schemes in translate.lizard Sysadmin groente Dev Needed
15307 In Progress Investigate whether we can disable macros in Libreoffice Research Dr_Whax
15287 Confirmed Make it possible to reproducibly generate IUKs on lizard Continuous Integration Code anonym Dev Needed
15286 In Progress Adapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Test suite Code anonym Dev Needed
15285 Confirmed Adapt incremental upgrade manual test for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Installation Contributors documentation anonym
15284 Confirmed Adapt release process for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade scheme Installation Contributors documentation anonym
15283 In Progress Implement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails Upgrader Installation Code anonym Ready for QA
15282 In Progress Add a prompt right before applying an IUK Installation Code anonym Ready for QA
15281 In Progress Stack one single SquashFS diff when upgrading Installation Code anonym
15279 Confirmed Refresh Tails signing key before each upgrade check Installation Code anonym
15278 In Progress Verification extension doesn't work in Firefox 45 Installation Code anonym Ready for QA
15274 Confirmed Update weblate to the newest possible version in translate.lizard Sysadmin groente Info Needed
15262 Confirmed GNOME Software Code alant
15261 Confirmed insufficient rights for weblate group on translate Infrastructure Sysadmin groente Info Needed
15258 Confirmed Thunderbird doesn't display the Subject/To/Date fields of emails sent by Schleuder v3 Research intrigeri
15254 In Progress Tails Installer breaks due to unicode status messages Internationalization Code bertagaz Dev Needed
15253 In Progress Iteration 1: Backport support for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions to udisks in Stretch Code segfault Ready for QA
15246 Confirmed Iteration 2: Let upstream know we intend to support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in Nautilus Communicate segfault
15245 Confirmed Iteration 2: Let upstream know we intend to intend to support file containers in GtkPlacesSidebar Communicate segfault
15238 Confirmed Iteration 1: Write tests for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOME Test suite Code anonym
15222 Confirmed Iteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfs Code segfault
15221 Confirmed Iteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in Disks Code segfault
15218 In Progress Iteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfs Code segfault Dev Needed
15214 Confirmed Iteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOME Code segfault
15211 In Progress Reduce our Chutney network Test suite Code anonym
15193 Confirmed Travel reimbursements for CryptoRave 2018 Accounting intrigeri
15190 In Progress Cronjobs for translate.lizard are not running Sysadmin emmapeel Ready for QA
15162 In Progress Remove from the mirrors synchronization chain Infrastructure Communicate u
15155 Confirmed Upgrade the jenkins Puppet module Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz
15141 In Progress reproducibly_build_Tails_ISO_stable job erroneously fails when build reproduction succeeded Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
15120 In Progress Improve styles of command lines and their output Website cbrownstein Dev Needed
15109 Confirmed Rename 'Persistence wizard' as 'Persistence assistant' Persistence User interface design sajolida Dev Needed
15091 Confirmed Get ready for Thunderbird 60+ Code CyrilBrulebois
15087 Confirmed Call for translators and translations to be launched and updated Communicate u
15086 Confirmed Write design documentation for other projects to reuse our work Communicate u
15085 Confirmed Document our infrastructure Wait u
15084 Confirmed Review & Rubberducking Test u
15083 Confirmed Test the setup extensively and deal with unexpected problems Test u
15082 Confirmed Have the Weblate Git communicate with our main Git repository Sysadmin u
15081 Confirmed Adjust our production website Sysadmin u
15080 Confirmed Integrate the staging website with the interface Code u
15079 Confirmed Integrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructure Wait u
15078 Confirmed Review staging website and resilient build Sysadmin bertagaz
15077 Confirmed Have a staging website to build planned languages, with a resilient build Sysadmin u Info Needed
15076 Confirmed Test the set up of the translation platform Test emmapeel
15075 Confirmed Design and set up user roles, languages and reviewing process Sysadmin emmapeel
15074 Confirmed Set up and configure the web interface of the translation platform Sysadmin emmapeel
15069 In Progress Deleting a branch in Git triggers Jenkins jobs on this branch Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
15051 Confirmed Iteration 2: Associate .hc/.tc extension with VeraCrypt Code segfault
15042 In Progress Migrate away from our GNOME "AffectsTails" keyword Infrastructure Contributors documentation anonym Ready for QA
15014 Confirmed Keys disappear from Seahorse after importing one Research intrigeri Info Needed
14973 In Progress Handle DuckDuckGo donation challenge Fundraising Communicate u
14962 In Progress Tor Browser >= 7.0.8 fails to render local pages correctly Wait sajolida Info Needed
14875 Confirmed Build reproducibility Jenkins tests: confusing UX and implementation Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
14871 Confirmed Deduplicate the ticket_qa_check Redmine query function into the Tails pythonlib Infrastructure Code bertagaz
14849 Confirmed Tails Installer doesn't fit if the vertical screen size is 600 Installation Code kurono
14812 Confirmed Update /doc/encryption_and_privacy/truecrypt to mention VeraCrypt End-user documentation sajolida
14810 Confirmed Tails Installer allows buggy "Reinstall (delete all data)" on too small USB sticks Installation Code kurono
14797 In Progress Decide what LVs to host on lizard rotating drives Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
14781 Confirmed SponsorW report for 2018-05 Fundraising Accounting u
14753 In Progress Long-press delay for typing special chars with the on-screen keyboard is too long Accessibility End-user documentation sajolida
14728 Confirmed Track security updates during the Tails code freeze Research anonym
14720 In Progress Fix self.opts.partition vs. self.force_reinstall semantics Installation Code kurono Dev Needed
14682 Confirmed Write release notes for 3.8 End-user documentation sajolida
14677 In Progress Update doc to new Tails Installer without splash screen (in Debian) Installation End-user documentation cbrownstein
14651 Confirmed Review & sponsor new upstream version of Keyringer Debian u
14649 Confirmed Package, test and upload OnionShare 1.3 Debian u Dev Needed
14648 Confirmed Fix multiarch issues in libotr packaging Debian u
14647 Confirmed Fix multiarch issues in libgsecuredelete packaging Debian u
14646 Confirmed Core work 2018Q1 → 2018Q2: Debian Debian u
14626 Confirmed Make it clear on /donate when and for whom a donation is tax-deductible Fundraising End-user documentation u Info Needed
14598 In Progress Code review for Additional Software packages GUI Code alant
14597 Confirmed Review automated tests for Additional Software GUI Code anonym
14596 In Progress Write automated tests for Additional Software GUI Code bertagaz
14594 In Progress Code & integration into Tails: Additional Software Packages GUI Code alant Dev Needed
14593 Confirmed Release Additional Software packages GUI Wait u
14592 Confirmed Fix bugs and UX issues identified by User testing session for Additional Software GUI Code alant
14590 In Progress Mentor and review user documentation for Additional Software feature End-user documentation sajolida
14589 In Progress Write user documentation for Additional Software feature End-user documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
14582 In Progress Ensure we have enough OpenPGP smartcard/GNUK hardware for our 2018 keys update Communicate intrigeri
14581 Confirmed Install caff (signing-party) by default Test intrigeri
14576 In Progress Write automated tests for Additional Software GUI (Gherkin) Test suite Code anonym Ready for QA
14575 Confirmed Write technical design doc for Additional Software Contributors documentation alant
14562 In Progress Get in touch & coordinate with the Tor project's outreach initiative in the Global South Communicate intrigeri
14536 Confirmed Restructure the Known issues page End-user documentation sajolida
14525 Confirmed Create tickets and update blueprint for the next steps in the personas process Research sajolida
14507 Confirmed Have the monthly meeting reminder automatically avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Code intrigeri Ready for QA
14503 In Progress Document Monthly Meetings fixes Contributors documentation u
14502 In Progress Ensure the output of the Strategic Planning session (Tails Summit 2017) is discussed Communicate intrigeri
14501 Confirmed Merge help desk internal shared expectations with mission page End-user documentation mercedes508
14482 Confirmed Let GNOME Files upstream know we intend to add VeraCrypt support Communicate segfault
14481 Confirmed Release Beta for VeraCrypt support in Tails Code segfault
14477 Confirmed User testing and community feedback for VeraCrypt support Communicate segfault
14476 Confirmed Write user documentation for VeraCrypt support in Tails End-user documentation sajolida
14469 Confirmed Write Gherkin scenarios for VeraCrypt automated tests Test suite Code anonym
14404 Confirmed Remove Vagrant cache-mechanism from build configuration as it might break on some filesystems Build system Code CyrilBrulebois
13656 In Progress Upgrade bitcoind on bitcoin.lizard Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
13649 Confirmed Decide what to do with Memory Hole in Thunderbird Discuss intrigeri
13517 Confirmed Puppetize tails-bar xmpp Infrastructure Code Dr_Whax
13242 Confirmed Core work 2017Q4 → 2018Q1: Sysadmin (Maintain our already existing services) Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
13183 Confirmed Track in Debian: Notify the user when AppArmor blocks anything Debian u
12833 In Progress Implement our masterplan about fallback DNS round-robin pool & HTTPS Infrastructure Research u
12714 Confirmed Make a decision about our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budget Discuss sajolida
12708 In Progress Prepare our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budget Accounting sajolida
12645 Confirmed FAQ: Explain why we don't give a SHA of the ISO image End-user documentation
12629 In Progress Document reproducible release process Contributors documentation anonym Dev Needed
12571 Confirmed Find a nicer way to add exceptions from mandatory signing for our Tor Browser add-ons Code anonym
12551 In Progress Set up a process to keep our fork of GNOME Shell's .desktop file and GDM's .session file up-to-date Code alant
12534 Confirmed Test /install/debian/usb on Linux Mint 19 Installation End-user documentation sajolida
12506 Confirmed Ticket accidentally deleted #11395 Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Info Needed
12505 In Progress Switch isobuilders to vagrant-libvirt in Puppet Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
12479 Confirmed Write Tails Server beta release announcement Website segfault
12445 Confirmed tails-installer should validate file integrity after unpacking the ISO on the sd-card Installation Code kurono
12435 Confirmed Allow the user to select a ISO image from a warning dialog Installation Code kurono Info Needed
12415 In Progress Upstream our window list theme changes Communicate alant
12407 In Progress Ensure our mirror pool is ready for temporary surge of downloads Infrastructure Sysadmin u
12391 Confirmed Run full test suite when building from a release tag Continuous Integration Code bertagaz Info Needed
12257 Confirmed Add a screenshot to our homepage Graphics u
12220 Confirmed Set up monitoring for weblate Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
12185 Confirmed Run Dogtail using Python 3 Test suite Code u
12170 In Progress Upstream OnionCircuits AppArmor profile Code sst Info Needed
12035 In Progress Donation campaign 2017 Fundraising Research sajolida
11946 Confirmed Seahorse doesn't display Tails signature key after successful verification Debian u
11932 Confirmed Tails Installer sometimes crashes in get_free_bytes() while installing the boot loader Installation Code kurono
11858 In Progress Monitor if isobuilders systems are running fine Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11830 In Progress Tagged APT snapshots' backup is impractical Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
11763 Confirmed Adjust contributors documentation for translators Internationalization Contributors documentation drebs
11760 Confirmed Document the entire weblate installation & setup process Infrastructure Contributors documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
11759 In Progress Install & configure a fresh weblate on the VM Sysadmin emmapeel Info Needed
11562 Confirmed Monitor servers from the htpdate pools Time synchronization Sysadmin bertagaz
11557 In Progress Nightly ISO images are regularly unavailable for a couple minutes Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11457 In Progress "I close the Unsafe Browser" step is fragile Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
11378 In Progress Make Tails Installer installable through Ubuntu Software Installation Debian u
11355 In Progress Re-enable Jenkins notifications on ISO build/test failure Continuous Integration Code bertagaz
11295 Confirmed Test jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available ones Continuous Integration Research bertagaz
11253 Confirmed See if we can upstream our VPN bits to immerda's puppet-tinc module Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
11181 In Progress Better abstraction of ::local::node Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
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