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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15332Confirmedtails-documentation should prefer online docsCodeanonymReady for QA
15331ConfirmedAdapt to Tor's Sponsor4 Tor Launcher UX improvements: moatTor configurationCommunicateanonym
15329In ProgressEnsure we benefit from security features introduced in Linux 4.15ResearchintrigeriInfo Needed
15326NewOnionshareSecurity Auditemmapeel
15325ConfirmedTest if a DVD works on a Mac where a dd Tails is not recognizedTestsajolida
15323In ProgressImprove visibility of FAT32 formatting in UUI instructionsInstallationEnd-user documentationemmapeel
15310In ProgressTails builds occasionally fail because VM is out of memoryBuild systemCodeanonymReady for QA
15309In ProgressUpgrade to Linux 4.15Hardware supportCodebertagazReady for QA
15308ConfirmedCannot update database schemes in translate.lizardSysadmin
15307In ProgressInvestigate whether we can disable macros in LibreofficeResearchDr_Whax
15304ConfirmedDecide when we upgrade to Stretch 9.4Waitintrigeri
15287ConfirmedMake it possible to reproducibly generate IUKs on lizardContinuous IntegrationCodeanonym
15286In ProgressAdapt automated test suite for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeTest suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
15285ConfirmedAdapt incremental upgrade manual test for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeInstallationContributors documentationanonym
15284ConfirmedAdapt release process for the "one single SquashFS diff" upgrade schemeInstallationContributors documentationanonym
15283In ProgressImplement the "one single SquashFS diff" scheme in Tails UpgraderInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
15282In ProgressAdd a prompt right before applying an IUKInstallationCodeanonymReady for QA
15281In ProgressStack one single SquashFS diff when upgradingInstallationCodeanonym
15279ConfirmedRefresh Tails signing key before each upgrade checkInstallationCodeanonym
15275ConfirmedRemove the GNOME Keyring persistent featurePersistenceCodesajolidaInfo Needed
15264In ProgressSketch notifications when the persistent storage is locked or impossible to createUser interface designsajolidaDev Needed
15254In ProgressTails Installer breaks due to unicode status messagesInternationalizationCodebertagazReady for QA
15246ConfirmedIteration 2: Let upstream know we intend to support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in NautilusCommunicatesegfault
15245ConfirmedIteration 2: Let upstream know we intend to intend to support file containers in GtkPlacesSidebarCommunicatesegfault
15233In ProgressTails Installer cannot select an ISO in non-English localesInstallationCodebertagazReady for QA
15232In ProgressRevert to Stretch's xorg-xserverCodeintrigeri
15220ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in udisksCodesegfault
15219ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in libblockdevCodesegfault
15217In ProgressIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in DisksCodesegfault
15216In ProgressIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in libblockdevCodesegfault
15215In ProgressIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in udisksCodesegfault
15213ConfirmedTails signing key can't be imported into SeahorseInstallationResearchsajolida
15211In ProgressReduce our Chutney networkTest suiteCodeanonym
15201ConfirmedDisable Memory Hole for outgoing emails in TailsCodeanonym
15198In ProgressConvert ASP to Python3 and follow PEP-8CodebertagazPass
15188In ProgressWrite manual tests for Tails VerificationInstallationContributors documentationsajolidaDev Needed
15183ConfirmedPrepare tails-installer release for Ubuntu Bionic BeaverDebianu
15162ConfirmedRemove from the mirrors synchronization chainInfrastructureDiscussbertagazInfo Needed
15159ConfirmedMonitoring of our mirrors' ability to syncInfrastructureResearchbertagaz
15155ConfirmedUpgrade the jenkins Puppet moduleContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagaz
15152In ProgressTails fails to start with an HP pavillion (broadwell chipset)ResearchanonymInfo Needed
15141In Progressreproducibly_build_Tails_ISO_stable job erroneously fails when build reproduction succeededContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
15140Confirmednoscript bypass / new identity bugWaitbertagazReady for QA
15109ConfirmedRename 'Persistence wizard' as 'Persistence assistant'PersistenceUser interface designsajolidaDev Needed
15106In ProgressAdd screenshot to step 5.6 "Close Tails Installer"InstallationEnd-user documentationbertagazPass
15105In ProgressRemove duplicate text on "Installation complete" dialogInstallationCodebertagazReady for QA
15090In ProgressTravel reimbursements for sysadmin sprint (2017-12)AccountingsajolidaReady for QA
15075ConfirmedDesign and set up user roles, languages and reviewing processSysadminemmapeel
15069In ProgressDeleting a branch in Git triggers Jenkins jobs on this branchContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
15065ConfirmedDocument WireframeSketcherContributors documentationsajolida
15061ConfirmedDocument the relevant security aspects of the Tails Verification / Installation AssistantInstallationContributors documentationsajolida
15059In ProgressDon't rely on FileReader.readAsBinaryString()InstallationCodeuzairfarooqDev Needed
15047ConfirmedSupport VeraCrypt keyfiles and hidden volumes in GNOME DisksCodesegfault
15045ConfirmedSupport unlocking VeraCrypt hidden volumes via udisksCodesegfault
15042In ProgressMigrate away from our GNOME "AffectsTails" keywordInfrastructureContributors documentationanonymReady for QA
15039ConfirmedIteration 2: Icon for .hc and .tc file extensionGraphicssajolida
15037ConfirmedHave plans to release our VeraCrypt work in TailsDiscusssegfault
15031Confirmed'I install Tails to USB drive "isohybrid" by cloning' test step often failsInstallationResearchkurono
15025In ProgressDocument that Tails installed using dd is not seen as a bootable device on some MacBook ProInfrastructureEnd-user documentationemmapeel
15022In ProgressElectrum package update to version 3.0.6Tests7rDev Needed
15014ConfirmedKeys disappear from Seahorse after importing oneResearchmercedes508Info Needed
15006In ProgressTest suite regression: "I successfully start the Unsafe Browser" fails since Tails 3.3Test suiteCodeanonymDev Needed
15000In ProgressEnsure we benefit from new security features in Linux 4.14CodebertagazReady for QA
14982In ProgressFix OpenPGP Applet vs. Tails ticket tracking workflowInfrastructureDiscussnodensDev Needed
14977In ProgressImprove OpenPGP instructions based on Cody's and jaster's feedbackInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolidaPass
14962In ProgressTor Browser >= 7.0.8 fails to render local pages correctlyUser interface designsajolidaInfo Needed
14935ConfirmedFuture-proof the test suite vs future fundraising campaign headersTest suiteCodeanonym
14881ConfirmedDocument the survey platform in /contributeInfrastructureContributors documentationsajolida
14875ConfirmedDecide once for all whether a reproducibly_build_Tails_ISO downstream job shall be run for a given ISOInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
14872ConfirmedUse Matomo to analyze the 2017 donation campaignFundraisingResearchsajolida
14871ConfirmedImport our Redmine related code in python into the Tails pythonlibInfrastructureCodebertagaz
14849ConfirmedTails Installer doesn't fit if the vertical screen size is 600InstallationCodekurono
14811ConfirmedCheck if old vagrant baseboxes are cleaned up in JenkinsInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
14810ConfirmedTails Installer allows buggy "Reinstall (delete all data)" on too small USB sticksInstallationCodekurono
14797In ProgressDecide what LVs to host on lizard rotating drivesInfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
14778ConfirmedSponsorW report for 2018-02FundraisingAccountingsajolida
14724ConfirmedMake Tails Installer's isohybrid detection code robustInstallationCodekurono
14720In ProgressFix self.opts.partition vs. self.force_reinstall semanticsInstallationCodekuronoDev Needed
14713In ProgressDiscuss and evaluate feedback coming from the Florence removalHardware supportDiscusspablonatalinoInfo Needed
14709ConfirmedRemove known issue about Atom Cherry TrailEnd-user documentationsajolida
14689ConfirmedDocument Cherry Trails Atom computers issues in the Known Issues ListHardware supportEnd-user documentationsajolidaDev Needed
14680ConfirmedWrite release notes for 3.6End-user documentationsajolida
14651ConfirmedReview & sponsor new upstream version of KeyringerDebianu
14650In ProgressPackage new upstream version of tails-installer -> bpoDebianu
14649ConfirmedPackage, test and upload new upstream version of OnionshareDebianu
14648ConfirmedFix multiarch issues in libotr packagingDebianu
14647ConfirmedFix multiarch issues in libgsecuredelete packagingDebianu
14646ConfirmedCore work 2017Q3 → 2018Q1: DebianDebianu
14626ConfirmedMake it clear on /donate when and for whom a donation is tax-deductibleFundraisingEnd-user documentationu
14610In ProgressGive anonym read-write access to jenkins-jobs.gitContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazDev Needed
14601ConfirmedKnow which ressources we would need to run Matomo on our infrastructureInfrastructureResearchsajolidaInfo Needed
14576ConfirmedWrite automated tests for Additional Software GUI (Gherkin)Test suiteCodebertagaz
14574ConfirmedDesign GUI for Additional Software packagesCodesajolida
14572In ProgressImplement automated tests for Additional Software/Offline ModeCodebertagazReady for QA
14570In ProgressImplement Offline Mode for Additional Software PackagesCodebertagazPass
14566ConfirmedSystematically gather data about failures when creating the intermediary TailsInstallationResearchemmapeel
14559ConfirmedHave a permanent incentive to donate on /homeFundraisingResearchsajolida
14548ConfirmedFix issues identified in the expert review done by jaster on our installation instructionsInstallationResearchsajolida
14540ConfirmedSurvey platformInfrastructureResearchsajolida
14536ConfirmedRestructure the Known issues pageEnd-user documentationsajolida
14533ConfirmedCross-reference /support/known_issues and /support/faqInstallationEnd-user documentationsajolida
14525ConfirmedCreate tickets and update blueprint for the next steps in the personas processResearchsajolida
14511In ProgressShare the Help Desk shift schedule with Foundations Team membersContributors documentationemmapeelDev Needed
14507ConfirmedHave the monthly meeting reminder automatically avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and SundaysCodesajolida
14503In ProgressSend proposals for Monthly Meetings fixes to tails-project@Communicateu
14502In ProgressEnsure the output of the Strategic Planning session (Tails Summit 2017) is discussedCommunicateintrigeri
14501ConfirmedMerge help desk internal shared expectations with mission pageEnd-user documentationmercedes508
14482ConfirmedLet GNOME Files upstream know we intend to add VeraCrypt supportCommunicatesegfault
14469ConfirmedWrite Gherkin scenarios for VeraCrypt automated testsTest suiteCodeanonym
13656In ProgressUpgrade bitcoind on bitcoin.lizardInfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
13635ConfirmedGerman Greeter translation uses "s" accelerator twiceInternationalizationTranslatespriver
13436In ProgressHave Jenkins jobs that reproduce ISOs when a branch ticket is Ready for QAContinuous IntegrationCodebertagazDev Needed
12714ConfirmedMake a decision about our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budgetDiscusssajolida
12711In ProgressZoom into potential issues wrt. our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budget forecastingCommunicatesajolida
12708In ProgressPrepare our 2018Q2 → 2019Q1 budgetAccountingsajolida
12654In ProgressIntroduce more variations in our reproducibility CI testsContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazReady for QA
12650ConfirmedDeal with September 2017 false positive CI notificationsContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagaz
12649ConfirmedDeal with August 2017 false positive CI notificationsContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagaz
12633In ProgressLower the workload caused by reproducible builds Jenkins jobsContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazDev Needed
12629In ProgressDocument reproducible release processContributors documentationanonymDev Needed
12571ConfirmedFind a nicer way to add exceptions from mandatory signing for our Tor Browser add-onsCodeanonym
12551ConfirmedSet up a process to keep our fork of GNOME Shell's .desktop file and GDM's .session file up-to-dateCodealant
12506ConfirmedTicket accidentally deleted #11395InfrastructureSysadminbertagazInfo Needed
12505In ProgressSwitch isobuilders to vagrant-libvirt in PuppetInfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
12479ConfirmedWrite Tails Server beta release announcementWebsitesegfault
12435ConfirmedAllow the user to select a ISO image from a warning dialogInstallationCodekuronoInfo Needed
12415In ProgressUpstream our window list theme changesCommunicatealant
12407ConfirmedEnsure our mirror pool is ready for temporary surge of downloadsInfrastructureSysadminu
12391ConfirmedRun full test suite when building from a release tagContinuous IntegrationCodebertagazInfo Needed
12372In ProgressMissing information in /etc/os-releaseUser interface designsajolidaInfo Needed
12342Confirmed[translate.vm]Decide if we merge 'weblate git' with 'staging git'Researchu
12328ConfirmedTails Verification: Migrate DAVE to Web Extensions and support ChromeInstallationCodesajolida
12268In ProgressMake it so most Bitcoin donations arrive directly on RiseupLabs' Coinbase accountFundraisingWebsiteu
12226In ProgressInitial review of Tails Server implementationCodeanonym
12185ConfirmedRun Dogtail using Python 3Test suiteCodeu
12170In ProgressUpstream OnionCircuits AppArmor profileCodesstInfo Needed
12152ConfirmedUpdate tails-installer release processInstallationContributors documentationanonym
12035In ProgressDonation campaign 2017FundraisingResearchu
11973In ProgressConfine Thunderbird with AppArmorCodeanonym
11858In ProgressMonitor if isobuilders systems are running fineInfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
11830In ProgressTagged APT snapshots' backup is impracticalInfrastructureSysadminbertagazReady for QA
11760ConfirmedDocument the entire weblate installation & setup processInfrastructureContributors documentationemmapeelDev Needed
11759In ProgressInstall & configure a fresh weblate on the VMSysadminemmapeelInfo Needed
11753In ProgressPort complex shell scripts shipped in /usr/local to PythonCodesegfaultDev Needed
11562ConfirmedMonitor servers from the htpdate poolsTime synchronizationSysadminbertagaz
11557In ProgressNightly ISO images are regularly unavailable for a couple minutesContinuous IntegrationSysadminbertagazDev Needed
11457In Progress"I close the Unsafe Browser" step is fragileTest suiteCodespriverDev Needed
11378ConfirmedMake Tails Installer installable through Ubuntu SoftwareInstallationDebianu
11355In ProgressRe-enable Jenkins notifications on ISO build/test failureContinuous IntegrationCodebertagaz
11348ConfirmedTest Etcher, a multiplatform USB stick burnerInstallationTestsajolida
11295ConfirmedTest jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available onesContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagaz
11253ConfirmedSee if we can upstream our VPN bits to immerda's puppet-tinc moduleInfrastructureSysadminbertagaz
11181In ProgressBetter abstraction of ::local::nodeInfrastructureSysadminbertagazDev Needed
11025In ProgressKnown issues on browser fingerprinting don't mention uBlockOriginEnd-user documentationsajolidaDev Needed
10970ConfirmedDocument screen lockerEnd-user documentationsajolida
10912In ProgressTails Installer fails to install on USB stick that has a isohybrid dd'ed to itInstallationCodekurono
10494In ProgressRetry htpdate when it failsTime synchronizationCodebertagazDev Needed
10278In ProgressAutomatically test that services that we disable are not startedTest suiteCodespriverDev Needed
10277In ProgressAutomatically test that Tails has booted correctly and without errorsTest suiteCodespriverDev Needed
10265In ProgressTest that DDG is the default search engine in Tor BrowserTest suiteCodespriverDev Needed
10068In ProgressUpgrade to Jenkins 2.x, using upstream packagesContinuous IntegrationResearchbertagazDev Needed
9337In ProgressNotify the user when AppArmor blocks anythingCodeemmapeelInfo Needed
9005In ProgressTails Installer without a splash screenInstallationCodekuronoDev Needed
8775In ProgressTor Launcher should be able to resolve DNS host names for the proxy configurationTor configurationCodebertagazReady for QA
8243In ProgressSupport meek bridgesTor configurationCodebertagazReady for QA
7903In ProgressDocument that one shall restart Unsafe Browser after reconnecting to a different networkEnd-user documentationbertagazReady for QA
6398In ProgressTails OpenPGP Applet hangs on large text (fixed upstream)CodenodensDev Needed
6156In ProgressUpstream secure Icedove autoconfig wizardCommunicateu
5684In ProgressScreen lockerCodebertagazReady for QA
5630In ProgressReproducible buildsBuild systemCodeanonym
5447ConfirmedFix DVD eject at shutdown (on some computers)Researchanonym
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12146ConfirmedTails installed using dd is not seen as a bootable device on MacBook ProHardware supportResearchsegfault
8690Confirmedtails-install-iuk's output is not forwarded to the Upgrader error reportingCodeintrigeri
8447ConfirmedPersistent data is not erased when persistence features are disabledPersistenceCode
7102ConfirmedEvaluate how safe haveged is in a virtualized environmentSecurity Audit
6907Confirmedikiwiki po plugin does not play well with inline directivesCode
5340In ProgressAnalyze "vpwns" FOCI12 paperResearch
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15328ConfirmedTravel reimbursements for IFF 2018-03Accountingsajolida
15327ConfirmedCall for invoices: 2018Q1Accountingintrigeri
15320In ProgressReport the aufs regression since Linux 4.14 upstreamCommunicateintrigeri
15280ConfirmedReorder persistence featuresPersistenceCodeintrigeri
15261Confirmedinsufficient rights for weblate group on translateInfrastructureSysadmingroenteInfo Needed
15259ConfirmedAdd button in tails-persistence-setup to open the configuration interface of Additional SoftwarePersistenceCodeintrigeri
15253ConfirmedIteration 1: Backport support for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions to udisks in StretchCodesegfault
15238ConfirmedIteration 1: Write tests for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOMETest suiteCodeanonym
15222ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfsCodesegfault
15221ConfirmedIteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in DisksCodesegfault
15218ConfirmedIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfsCodesegfault
15214ConfirmedIteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOMECodesegfault
15205ConfirmedPer diem for Install and Accounting sprints 2018-02Accountingsajolida
15204ConfirmedPer diem for IFF 2018-03Accountingsajolida
15173In ProgressUpgrade Intel processor microcodes to mitigate the Spectre attackWaitintrigeriDev Needed
15157ConfirmedTravel reimbursements for Tor dev meeting, 2018-03Accountingintrigeri
15091ConfirmedGet ready for Thunderbird 57+Communicateanonym
15084ConfirmedReview & RubberduckingTestgroente
15083ConfirmedTest the setup extensively and deal with unexpected problemsTestu
15082ConfirmedHave the interface communicate with our main Git repositorySysadminu
15081ConfirmedAdjust our production websiteSysadminu
15080ConfirmedIntegrate the staging website with the interfaceCodeu
15079ConfirmedIntegrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructureWaitu
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