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# Status Subject Category Type of work Assignee QA Check
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15821 Confirmed Video playback broken on Intel Corporation HD Graphics 530 (regression in 3.9~rc1) Hardware support Research mercedes508 Info Needed
15820 Confirmed Ublock Log window is empty, need right-click to display logs Test mercedes508
15817 Confirmed Blue border on "Let's go!" button in upgrade scenarios End-user documentation sajolida Pass
15815 Confirmed Duplicated time requirements on overviews Installation End-user documentation sajolida Pass
15805 Confirmed Update doc for Tor Browser 8 End-user documentation sajolida
15804 Confirmed Wrong language for setting admin password when selecting English-UK Internationalization Translate sajolida
15803 In Progress Upgrade Tor Browser to 8.0a10 Code segfault Ready for QA
15802 In Progress New ASP code breaks creating new empty persistence config files when permissions are incorrect Persistence Code alant Ready for QA
15801 In Progress The Tor Browser 8.0a9 icon (overview, taskbar) is uglier than it used to be Code segfault Ready for QA
15799 In Progress "Additional software packages are installed even without network" test always fail in my environment Test suite Code CyrilBrulebois Ready for QA
15796 In Progress Mitigate Foreshadow aka. L1 Terminal Fault vulnerabilities Code intrigeri Ready for QA
15792 In Progress Upgrade to Thunderbird 60 final Code intrigeri Ready for QA
15772 Confirmed Upgrade tor to 0.3.4 stable Wait intrigeri
15761 Confirmed Organize our work wrt. GTK+ 3.24 release schedule Communicate segfault Info Needed
15759 Confirmed Add the big donors from the 2017 campaign to /partners Website sajolida
15757 Confirmed Some VeraCrypt volumes require admin password to unlock Communicate segfault
15740 Confirmed weblate is logging too much Infrastructure Translate groente
15733 Confirmed Unlocking TCRYPT volume sometimes shows a confusing error message Code segfault
15728 Confirmed VeraCrypt Mounter: Spinner sometimes disappears too early Code segfault
15724 In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream 0002-gtkmountoperation-Support-TCRYPT-options.patch in GTK+ Communicate segfault
15713 Confirmed Ask the project to prioritize the first personas Discuss sajolida
15712 Confirmed Create a first version of our personas in time for the summit Research sajolida
15706 In Progress Tor Browser 8 always prompts wrt. asking webpages in English Code segfault Ready for QA
15688 Confirmed Improve the CSS of our tables Website sajolida Ready for QA
15674 In Progress Change all Weblate components to use correct committer name and email Internationalization Sysadmin u Ready for QA
15667 In Progress No VeraCrypt integration in GTK ask-password dialog Code segfault
15658 Confirmed Consider enabling Enigmail by default Research sajolida
15652 In Progress Keyboard and touchpad does not work on MacBook 12" Hardware support Code marbetschar Dev Needed
15644 Confirmed Upload the 3.7 ISO to our Tails ISO history git-annex repo Code bertagaz Dev Needed
15615 Confirmed Iteration 1: Clarify whether we can upstream a `udisks2-tcrypt.deb` to Debian Communicate segfault
15614 Confirmed File tickets for 2019Q2 → 2020Q1 budget forecasting Accounting intrigeri
15605 In Progress Make optionally accept a list of files Code u Dev Needed
15599 In Progress Improve known issues about clock going backwards Time synchronization End-user documentation cbrownstein
15589 In Progress Process community feedback Communicate segfault Dev Needed
15567 Confirmed Fix bugs and UX issues in the Additional Software beta Code
15564 In Progress Typo on Tails Installer Installation Code emmapeel Dev Needed
15561 Confirmed Prepare snippet about ASP for the Tails 3.9 release notes Website sajolida Ready for QA
15558 Confirmed Fix Bitcoin icon on Persistent configuration docs Persistence Graphics sajolida
15548 Confirmed Tails can't establish a connection with obfs4 bridges and a hardware clock >> UTC Tor configuration Research goupille Info Needed
15524 Confirmed Iteration 1: Write release process documentation for custom packages Contributors documentation segfault Dev Needed
15508 Confirmed Clean up tags in persistence-setup.git Infrastructure Code bertagaz
15502 Confirmed Update Jenkins modules: 2018Q2 → 2018Q3 edition Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz
15484 New Upgrade Electrum to 3.1.1+ Debian s7r Info Needed
15483 In Progress Update Electrum configuration file Code s7r Ready for QA
15460 In Progress Test suite broken with Java 9+ Test suite Debian lamby
15452 Confirmed Check the status of Electrum qrcode support since we upgraded it to 3.x Research s7r Info Needed
15408 In Progress Consider forcing wrapping of po files at 79 chars per line Code u
15406 In Progress Backup Weblate configuration Sysadmin groente
15403 In Progress Unify po headers Sysadmin hefee Dev Needed
15402 Confirmed Pre-receive hook for Main git when handling pushs from weblate Sysadmin u Dev Needed
15396 Confirmed Core work Debian 2018Q2-2018Q3 Debian u
15390 Confirmed TREZOR hardware wallet support is gone since Electrum was updated to 3.x End-user documentation s7r Info Needed
15365 Confirmed Check if voting mechanism in Weblate WRT validity of strings Test emmapeel
15364 Confirmed Create .gitattributes with merge strategy for po files Code hefee
15362 In Progress Run check_po whenever we try to commit a po file in all Git repositories Code u
15359 Confirmed List parts of code/packets/configs to be puppetized for translation platform & its clone Research drebs
15357 Confirmed Clarify how the review process of Weblate influences git commit Research u
15307 In Progress Investigate whether we can disable macros in Libreoffice Research Dr_Whax
15300 Confirmed Redesign Tails Server GUI Code sajolida Info Needed
15276 In Progress Interview users in Russia Research sajolida
15244 In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream support for unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in Nautilus Code segfault Info Needed
15226 In Progress Iteration 2: Upstream support for file containers in GtkPlacesSidebar Code segfault Dev Needed
15223 In Progress Iteration 2: Support unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in GNOME Code segfault
15222 In Progress Iteration 1: Upstream unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GVfs Code segfault
15214 In Progress Iteration 1: Support unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOME Code segfault
15213 In Progress Tails signing key can't be imported from Seahorse with the default key files filter Installation Code lamby
15155 Confirmed Upgrade the jenkins Puppet module Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz
15141 In Progress reproducibly_build_Tails_ISO_stable job erroneously fails when build reproduction succeeded Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
15120 In Progress Improve styles of command lines and their output Website cbrownstein Dev Needed
15089 Confirmed Write report about the Translation platform Communicate u
15088 Confirmed Maintain our infrastructure after its first launch for six months Test emmapeel
15087 Confirmed Call for translators and translations to be launched and updated Communicate u
15086 In Progress Write design documentation for other projects to reuse our work Communicate u
15085 Confirmed Document our infrastructure Wait u
15084 Confirmed Review & Rubberducking Test groente
15083 Confirmed Test the setup extensively and deal with unexpected problems Test u
15082 Confirmed Have the Weblate Git communicate with our main Git repository Sysadmin u
15081 In Progress Adjust our production website Sysadmin u
15080 Confirmed Integrate the staging website with the interface Code u
15079 Confirmed Integrate the platform with our Git and ikiwiki infrastructure Wait u
15078 Confirmed Review staging website and resilient build Sysadmin bertagaz
15077 In Progress Have a staging website to build planned languages, with a resilient build Sysadmin groente Pass
15076 Confirmed Test the set up of the translation platform Test emmapeel
15075 Confirmed Design and set up user roles, languages and reviewing process Sysadmin emmapeel
15069 In Progress Deleting a branch in Git triggers Jenkins jobs on this branch Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
15025 In Progress Document that Tails installed using dd is not seen as a bootable device on some MacBook Pro Infrastructure End-user documentation cbrownstein
14996 In Progress Show creation date for blog posts when accessed directly Website hefee Ready for QA
14875 Confirmed Build reproducibility Jenkins tests: confusing UX and implementation Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
14871 Confirmed Deduplicate the ticket_qa_check Redmine query function into the Tails pythonlib Infrastructure Code bertagaz
14797 In Progress Decide what LVs to host on lizard rotating drives Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
14753 In Progress Long-press delay for typing special chars with the on-screen keyboard is too long Accessibility End-user documentation sajolida
14683 Confirmed Write release notes for 3.9 End-user documentation sajolida
14649 In Progress Package, test and upload OnionShare 1.3 Debian u Dev Needed
14648 Confirmed Fix multiarch issues in libotr packaging Debian u
14647 Confirmed Fix multiarch issues in libgsecuredelete packaging Debian u
14646 Confirmed Core work 2018Q1 → 2018Q2: Debian Debian u
14626 Confirmed Make it clear on /donate when and for whom a donation is tax-deductible Fundraising End-user documentation u Info Needed
14598 In Progress Code review for Additional Software packages GUI Code alant Dev Needed
14596 In Progress Write automated tests for Additional Software GUI Code bertagaz
14593 Confirmed Release Additional Software packages GUI Wait u
14576 In Progress Write automated tests for Additional Software GUI (Gherkin) Test suite Code bertagaz Info Needed
14568 Confirmed Additional Software Packages Code u
14559 Confirmed Have a permanent incentive to donate on /home Fundraising Research u Info Needed
14544 In Progress Spend software developer time on smallish UX improvements Research sajolida
14505 Confirmed Merge help desk internal answers to public doc End-user documentation emmapeel
14503 In Progress Document Monthly Meetings fixes Contributors documentation u
14501 Confirmed Merge help desk internal shared expectations with mission page End-user documentation emmapeel Dev Needed
14484 Confirmed Update our OpenPGP keys in 2018 Sysadmin intrigeri
14480 Confirmed Fix bugs and UX issues of VeraCrypt support Code segfault
14479 Confirmed Port VeraCrypt support to latest version of GNOME Code segfault
14477 Confirmed User testing and community feedback for VeraCrypt support Communicate segfault
14467 In Progress Upstream VeraCrypt support in GNOME Files Code segfault
14464 Confirmed Add VeraCrypt support to GNOME Files Code segfault
13656 In Progress Upgrade bitcoind on bitcoin.lizard Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
13517 Confirmed Puppetize tails-bar xmpp Infrastructure Code Dr_Whax
13242 Confirmed Core work 2017Q4 → 2018Q4: Sysadmin (Maintain our already existing services) Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
13183 Confirmed Track in Debian: Notify the user when AppArmor blocks anything Debian u
12551 In Progress Set up a process to keep our fork of GNOME Shell's .desktop file and GDM's .session file up-to-date Code alant
12506 Confirmed Backup files (was: Ticket accidentally deleted #11395) Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Info Needed
12505 In Progress Switch isobuilders to vagrant-libvirt in Puppet Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
12415 In Progress Upstream our window list theme changes Communicate alant
12407 In Progress Ensure our mirror pool is ready for temporary surge of downloads Infrastructure Sysadmin u
12391 In Progress Run full test suite when building from a release tag Continuous Integration Code bertagaz Ready for QA
12264 Confirmed Reintroduce I2P Code mhatta
12220 Confirmed Set up monitoring for weblate Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
12185 Confirmed Run Dogtail using Python 3 Test suite Code u
12170 In Progress Upstream OnionCircuits AppArmor profile Code sst Info Needed
12035 In Progress Donation campaign 2017 Fundraising Research sajolida
11946 Confirmed Seahorse doesn't display Tails signature key after successful verification Debian u
11858 In Progress Monitor if isobuilders systems are running fine Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11830 In Progress Tagged APT snapshots' backup is impractical Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Ready for QA
11763 Confirmed Adjust contributors documentation for translators Internationalization Contributors documentation drebs
11562 Confirmed Monitor servers from the htpdate pools Time synchronization Sysadmin bertagaz
11557 In Progress Nightly ISO images are regularly unavailable for a couple minutes Continuous Integration Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
11501 In Progress Confirmation dialog of Tails Installer should use verbs for button instead of Yes/No Installation User interface design sajolida Ready for QA
11457 In Progress "I close the Unsafe Browser" step is fragile Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
11378 In Progress Make Tails Installer installable through Ubuntu Software Installation Debian u Dev Needed
11355 In Progress Re-enable Jenkins notifications on ISO build/test failure Continuous Integration Code bertagaz
11295 Confirmed Test jobs sometimes get scheduled on a busy isotester while there are available ones Continuous Integration Research bertagaz
11253 Confirmed See if we can upstream our VPN bits to immerda's puppet-tinc module Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz
11181 In Progress Better abstraction of ::local::node Infrastructure Sysadmin bertagaz Dev Needed
10912 In Progress Tails Installer fails to install on USB stick that has a isohybrid dd'ed to it Installation Code kurono
10494 In Progress Retry htpdate when it fails Time synchronization Code bertagaz Dev Needed
10278 In Progress Automatically test that services that we disable are not started Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10277 In Progress Automatically test that Tails has booted correctly and without errors Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10265 In Progress Test that DDG is the default search engine in Tor Browser Test suite Code spriver Dev Needed
10068 In Progress Upgrade to Jenkins 2.x, using upstream packages Continuous Integration Research bertagaz Dev Needed
10034 Confirmed Translation web platform Infrastructure Wait u
9889 Confirmed Decide a backup solution among possible candidates Persistence Research sajolida
9005 In Progress Tails Installer without a splash screen Installation Code kurono Dev Needed
8722 Confirmed Create MIME/Multipart message with attachments in WhisperBack Code Info Needed
  Tails_3.10 70 Collapse all/Expand all
15819 Confirmed Make sure ikiwiki generated PO files satisfy check_po's requirements Test u
15798 Confirmed Jenkins access for kibi and segfault Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
15795 In Progress unlock-veracrypt-volumes: Fix application class name Code intrigeri Ready for QA
15780 Confirmed Update server storage planning needs for 2019-2020 Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
15754 Confirmed Add a link to try download from another mirror Installation Website sajolida
15752 Confirmed Instructions to copy persistence miss a step to reactivate the persistent features Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
15738 Confirmed Test feedback when opening applications from the Applications menu Test sajolida
15723 Confirmed organise sysadmin shifts Infrastructure Sysadmin groente
15718 Confirmed Help Tails users on Mac access right-click menus Hardware support Research sajolida Info Needed
15714 Confirmed Create artifacts to illustrate our personas Graphics sajolida
15689 Confirmed Test if overlayfs is affected by the DAC bug wrt. incremental upgrades changing UID/GID Test intrigeri
15687 In Progress Have lizard plugged to a Gbps switch Infrastructure Communicate intrigeri
15657 Confirmed Check which version of Enigmail we should ship Research intrigeri
15604 Confirmed Act on the reviews of our revocation certificate mechanism Infrastructure Contributors documentation sajolida
15571 In Progress Improve SEO when people search for the administration password End-user documentation sajolida Pass
15543 Confirmed Give a list of examples of nice software to install each time End-user documentation sajolida
15513 In Progress Switch to the puppetlabs/mysql module Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
15510 Confirmed Switch to the puppetlabs/apt module Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
15499 In Progress Update Puppet modules: 2018Q2 → 2018Q3 edition Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
15495 Confirmed Call for invoices on core work 2018Q3 Accounting intrigeri
15444 Confirmed Not all Bluetooth devices are blocked Research intrigeri
15378 Confirmed Re-enable USE_LAST_RELEASE_AS_OLD_ISO on Jenkins after Tails 3.9 is released Continuous Integration Sysadmin intrigeri
15346 Confirmed Document steps to run the donation campaign Contributors documentation sajolida
15339 In Progress Consider switching back to Debian sid's aufs-dkms Research intrigeri
15306 Confirmed Propose donation possibility in other cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin Fundraising Research u
15262 Confirmed GNOME Software Code alant
15239 Confirmed Iteration 2: Write tests for unlocking VeraCrypt file containers in GNOME Test suite Code intrigeri
15238 Confirmed Iteration 1: Write tests for unlocking VeraCrypt partitions in GNOME Test suite Code intrigeri
15190 In Progress Cronjobs for translate.lizard are not running Sysadmin u Ready for QA
15109 Confirmed Rename 'Persistence wizard' as 'Persistence assistant' Persistence User interface design sajolida Dev Needed
15042 In Progress Migrate away from our GNOME "AffectsTails" keyword Infrastructure Contributors documentation intrigeri
15014 Confirmed Keys disappear from Seahorse after importing one Research intrigeri
14922 Confirmed Integrate download metrics in the new download page Installation Code sajolida Ready for QA
14851 Confirmed Instructions to backup Tails are wrong in terms of permission End-user documentation sajolida
14784 Confirmed SponsorW report for 2018-08 Fundraising Accounting u
14728 Confirmed Track security updates during the Tails code freeze Research anonym
14725 Confirmed Quarterly reminder to tails-project@ about sponsorship Sysadmin sajolida
14684 Confirmed Write release notes for 3.10 End-user documentation sajolida
14624 Confirmed Document how to migrate persistence to a new USB stick or update the system partitions of an existing device Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
14605 Confirmed Improve documentation on "Manually copying your persistent data to a new USB stick" Persistence End-user documentation sajolida
14597 Confirmed Review automated tests for Additional Software GUI Code intrigeri
14588 In Progress Self-host our website Infrastructure Sysadmin intrigeri
14581 Confirmed Install caff (signing-party) by default Test intrigeri Info Needed
14575 In Progress Write technical design doc for Additional Software Contributors documentation alant Dev Needed
14541 In Progress Check what's going on with Centro de Autonomía Digital Communicate intrigeri
14507 Confirmed Have the monthly meeting reminder automatically avoid Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays Infrastructure Code intrigeri Ready for QA
14472 Confirmed Write tests for VeraCrypt support in GNOME Files Test suite Code intrigeri
14471 Confirmed Write tests for VeraCrypt support in GNOME Disks Test suite Code intrigeri
14469 Confirmed Write Gherkin scenarios for VeraCrypt automated tests Test suite Code intrigeri
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